No substitute for knowledge and experience

The world is full of opportunists, and few places more so than the Philippines. Wave Australian Dollars around, and everybody you meet suddenly acquires a new skill. Watch out for bargains from enthusiastic “experts”, or it will come back and bite you…..hard!

I had a client come to me yesterday. We had done an application for an Australian tourist visa for his lady last year before he had organised his divorce. This is a common scenario, and we were happy to help. The time had come for them to see us about an application for a prospective marriage visa, and they came back to us because they were happy with how we’d taken care of them last time.

He (the Australian sponsor) mentioned that he shopped around, but still come back to us. I have no problem with this, as I’m confident that we not only offer a fair price for Australian visa application management but that we have the knowledge and experience which shows in the content of our website and in the attention we pay to prompt and thorough communication with our clients. Look at our Happy Couples and you’ll see that as a consistent theme.

So by all means, shop around. Compare prices. Compare the responses. Look at websites and work out of the person who will take care of your precious lady and your future knows their stuff or not? We have the Down Under Visa site, and we also have FilipinaWives and our Down Under Visa BLOG which are loaded with practical information in a style that Aussies understand. Then decide for yourselves who you will trust with this task.

One of the places our client visited was a travel agent in the Philippines. I almost laughed when he said they would have attempted the visa application for P10,000.00 on the proviso that they bought the hopefully-resulting plane ticket from them! I say “almost laughed” because I’m sure the outcome wouldn’t have been funny. Whoever you get to manage your application, make sure they are a specialist and for goodness sakes makes sure they are a REGISTERED Migration Agent with a current registration with MARA (aka Migration Agents Registration Authority, which is run by DIAC aka Department of Immigration and Citizenship) and not somebody who books hotels and flights from a little office in Philippines shopping mall. Once you get started on the process, you will be blown away when you realise how much is involved and how precise it all is. We have detailed Client Questionnaires, personalised checklists of visa requirements, highly detailed guidebooks, and we now have video instruction modules to help you along, plus our usual prompt and clear advice. You won’t get that from Maritess at the travel agent!

And watch this video testimonial. Some cases are difficult. This successful couple admitted freely that they know they would never have got their visa had it not been for us standing by them every step of the way. Why accept anything less?

Please go to our Partner Visa Assessment Form and let’s see if we can help you bring your Filipina sweetheart to Australia.

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