De Facto Visas – For male/female couples and same-sex couples

We write most of the time on our Down Under Visa site and our Filipina Wives site about our Aussie men clients who fall in love with the local ladies here in the Philippines and can’t live without them. I know the feeling well, as I know I found and married the very best lady in the Philippines many years ago. However there are still plenty left, hence we have a busy migration practice! And sometimes we have Australian lady clients who fall in love with a nice young man here too.

However, Australian Migration Law does allow for partner visas to be granted based on DE FACTO relationships as well. De Facto means “existing in fact”. In the Philippines, they call this a “live-in” relationship. So you don’t have to be actually MARRIED or intending to marry to get an Australian Partner Visa. If we can establish and show that a genuine de facto relationship exists, you may be granted a visa.

And this also applies to same-sex couples. It’s the same visa, and the same Regulations we need to satisfy. So yes, gay couples and lesbian couples are welcome to apply too.

However, please understand this: These visas are for those who are already in a stable de facto relationship. They are NOT for you to bring your girlfriend or boyfriend to Australia so you can live together. They are not a “try before you buy” option! And they are NOT for those who are in a boyfriend/girlfriend type of relationship. If you don’t have the  evidence to prove you HAVE been living in a de facto relationship, don’t waste your time. We’re happy to discuss this with you, however understand that we will tell you directly and possibly bluntly if your case is weak.

I discussed this in more detail in an earlier BLOG post, so please have a read HERE if this is something that may suit you.

Been together in a de facto relationship for less than the required 12 month period? It MAY be possible to shorten that to 6 months if you are in a Registered Relationship. Registered Relationships exist in MOST Australian states now, and some states allow for one partner to be living overseas. All participating states expect you both to be free-to-marry though, ie. neither of you may be still legally married or in another registered relationship.

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