Take care of your Filipina wife! Get her an Australian Partner Visa!


Here at Down Under Visa we are in contact with a lot of men who, like me, live here in the Philippines with their Filipina wives. They are often asking about tourist visas, because they have no intention of going back to Australia. Life is good for them, and not a care in the world. And we get others who are planning to settle in Philippines, and are more interested in permanent resident visas for themselves.

Tourist visas are not a viable long-term option. You can’t apply for a long term permit that will allow her to take an annual holiday to Australia with you. Tourist visas are one-off’s. You may get one this year and the next, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get one each and every time.

What if the sponsor is dead?


Australian sponsor dead. if there is no living sponsor, a filipina wife cannot get a partner visa from philippines to australia


What if you want a Partner Visa for your Filipina wife?


I’ve always advised men to plan for a Partner Visa for their wives because they do not know what the future holds.

  • You may get homesick and want to return.
  • You may get physically sick and want to return.
  • Worst of all, what happens if you die?


If your wife does not have an Australian Partner Visa, or Australian Citizenship, she has no right to enter Australia if the sponsor is dead.


And the same thing applies to your kids of that marriage, or children that came as “part of the package” if she was a single mum.

If you the sponsor are dead, she has practically no hope of ever entering Australia. You may have a house and other assets in Australia that you want her to enjoy, but she never will. A Partner Visa application requires a living sponsor. If the sponsor dies before the application can be lodged, then it’s too little too late.

I bring this up because we had just such a tragic case come to our attention this week. The Australian husband suddenly died unexpectedly and he had made no plans to take care of his wife’s future. His two teenage children had Australian Citizenship acquired because their father was an Australian Citizen (Citizenship By Descent), so when they are old enough they can travel to and from Australia as they please. But the situation for their mum is much harder.

So for goodness sakes think of your wife and children. You don’t know what’s around the corner, and it’s your responsibility to take care of their future when you are no longer around. Strongly consider applying for an Australian Partner Visa for her, and spending some years in Australia before you make that move to the Philippines.

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