Choosing a good migration agent ……. and then listening to them!

I’ve had some wonderfully positive comments lately on the BLOG from happy clients who are aware of how much we do for them. It’s great to get positive feedback, and we truly appreciate it.

I think most people these days come to us after doing a great deal of research into what’s out there. They read our Down Under Visa website, and our BLOG website, and the FilipinaWives website. They watch out YouTube Information Series videos, and they watch our Testimonial videos, and at the end of it they can see we’re a serious and dedicated operation and we know what we’re doing.

I had a client who had gone to another “agent” in Manila (who shall of course remain nameless), and they couldn’t tell them anything useful. In fact they told him to go to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website and look it up himself! This was one of those “agents” where the boss was sitting back in Australia letting his low-pay office girls do all the work.

So do your research! Where is the agent? Do they live and work here fulltime, or do that just pop over a few times a year to collect the profits?

The other issue is that when you’ve chosen your agent, you MUST let your agent do the work! You’ve paid for advice. Make sure you TAKE that advice! We have considerable expertise, and we work for YOU!

I just had this comment this morning:

“One problem I have found in regards to some decision making ,is my partner gives more credit to her friends and family than what your advice is. I’m sure it is not just me this happens to. And I also have read ,where you have said ,for them not rely on this. I think maybe you guys could address this, maybe by a blog that they can understand fully.”

All I can say really is that you need to assert yourself! In most cases it’s you the Australian sponsor who’s paying for this. I’m sure you don’t need to be told that you should follow the qualified and reputable expert on Australian visas that you’re paying, and not somebody who’s merely guessing. Don’t stand by and watch the application get damaged because of what the neighbour said! Take charge, or bear the consequences.

And I hope you’ve all stopped searching the online amateur blind-leading-the-blind internet advice forums! We stay away from them, because the advice is often horrendously wrong and in many cases likely to get you into trouble. Amateurs giving advice about migration matters are actually breaking the law! Only Registered Migration Agents may give migration advice in Australia. The dodgy travel agents and similar opportunists overseas get away with it because Australian Law doesn’t stretch over the ocean.

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