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There are a lot of forums on the internet where people talk about Australian visa applications. Anyone on the forum is able to discuss experiences and give advice about getting visas. The people who give the advice are usually some Australians or Filipinos who applied for their own visa, or maybe they are waiting on their own visa. They have no qualifications but they tell others what they should do.

At Down Under Visa we are all the time hearing our clients questioning what we tell them because they read on a forum something different. Some of this advice is a little bit wrong, but some of it is dangerous and could get your visa refused.

Remember that Down Under Visa is run by my husband who is a Registered Migration Agent. He has university qualifications and has to take yearly training courses to update him in changes in migration law, and he has to follow the rules of the Code of Conduct for Registered Migration Agents or he will get into trouble and could lose his registration. These people on the forums, you don’t even know who they are.

And we are also submitting hundreds of visa applications every year, and we are doing this for a long time. So we have a lot of experiences with many people and many situations and problems. Better to listen to us instead of someone who maybe has just one visa grant.

So please don’t listen to these forums. You can always ask us if you are not sure about something. Don’t take risks or you could lose everything.

Mila Harvie is the wife and very active business partner of Jeff Harvie, Registered Migration Agent. Together with their son Jeremy Harvie and some dedicated staff they run Down Under Visa, that well-known and very busy Migration Agency in Manila, Philippines. She takes care of the needs of our Filipino clients, especially the Filipina ladies who find it much easier having another Filipina to talk to and to discuss their issues and problems.

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  1. Linden John Pullen

    Hallo, will outline our details first so you know the story ha ha. Have an online Filipina gf for 18 months. I will visit her first, then hope to bring her here at a later date on a tourist visa or Fiancee visa, whichever is better. She has no work or bank account, so zero assetts on paper. I have a stable work history and my own home. I would be paying her return fares and supplying accommodation and all costs. Have heard reports of needing huge security deposits, which I dont have, I live week to week and have very small savings. After talking every night and every work break for 18 months I know this woman well, and am sure there would be no issue with her overstaying or anything dodgy. I know she wouldn’t even have the self confidence to overstay or break the law let alone have those intentions ha ha. I have chat history, email history, parcels proof of sending and monthly western union receipts as proof of our relationship. There will be photographic proof of us being together after I have been there. We intend to get married and are committed to each other. So….. What is required for her visa? Do I need that large cash security deposit? Can she come on a visa even tho she has zero assets, if I am paying? Does it seem more genuine to apply for a fiancee visa as oppose to a tourist visa? You seem to know ur stuff and seems wise to engage you. I am just a worker, so I need a vague idea of ur fees. Hundreds? Thousands? I have no idea ha ha. Hope I have given you enough outline for an informed answer. Thankyou so much 🙂

    • Jeff Harvie

      No security deposits needed, and most of our applicants have nothing much in the way of assets. As for fiancee or tourist visa? Depends on whether you’re committed to each other and if you’re ready to marry. If you are, then better to bite the bullet than to delay things. Suggest that you complete our online visa assessment form on the website. This isn’t the place to discuss anything personal or detailed. Cheers.


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