How Down Under Visa works      

How do we work? Very hard, I can assure you of that!

Seriously, it’s important to understand how Registered Migration Agents manage your application, or at least how we manage applications. This can help you not to waste time by going down the wrong track.

When you go to the doctor, you know how it works. Same as when you call the mechanic. But most people go through their entire lives having no dealings with migration agents. And many people don’t even know that the migration agent profession exists, given that it’s still only a few decades old.

How Down Under Visa manages an Australian visa application

Step one

We need to get some forms signed. The Form 956 is a Departmental agents authority form. We need this so we may represent you, and so the Department will talk to us about your case. There’s also a representation agreement form, which is a contract of services. And we need a downpayment.


Step two

We need all your personal information, which means you complete our questionnaire. We need this ASAP because we can’t assess your case properly without this. A lot of the questions may sound silly, but we have to ask them.


Step three

Once we’ve assessed your questionnaire, we’ll be giving you a list of documents and evidence of your relationship which we need for your application. We’ll also give you all the backup information and online support you need. So basically, at this point you’re doing your homework with us there as tutors.


Step four

We get the documents and evidence from you. We’ll check it all thoroughly and see if it’s ready for lodging. If not enough, or if something’s wrong, we’ll tell you so it can be corrected.


Step five

Once we have everything, we’ll complete your application forms. We’ll get your signatures. We’ll write a legal submission. And we’ll put the application together so it’s ready to submit. And at this point (or before) we need final payment.


Step six

We submit the application to the Department. Thus ends the application process!

Step seven

We liaise with the Department from this point on. We see your application through to the point of it being granted.

Can Down Under Visa advise us on how to submit our own application?

No, we don’t and we can’t. It would be irresponsible for us to advise you without knowing all the information. We only do complete applications.

Can we just come in and get you to submit an application straight away?

No, because there’s too much work in preparing the application. And we need to assess you properly, which takes time. And there’s almost NIL chance you will have everything. If you’re in Philippines from Australia, chances are what we need is back in Australia!

Do we need to make an appointment to get your help?

Not at all. We probably only meet 5% of our clients these days. We can manage your entire application using the internet and using couriers.

If you would like our help, please go to our website at and complete our free visa assessment form.

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