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Down Under Visa clients would have come across the name of Perry Gamsby. I’ve encouraged all of you to purchase a book (three books combined into one) about Aussie-Filipina relationships. This is the Filipina 101, 202 and 303 books.


Perry wrote these whilst living as an Australian expat in the Philippines for 8 years. He has a Filipina wife and they have 5 children together. He also wrote books on making a living in the Philippines, Philippines property purchase, personal safety and others. If you search his name on you can find all of his books for sale.

His writing style is in that unique Australian style that we can all relate to. Blunt and to the point, with an infectious dry wit. Also highly informative and very insightful.

Good news!

Down Under Visa has managed to persuade Perry to find time to write us some articles!

These articles will be published we intend weekly on the site!

He’s already started, and the first will go up in a few days (ie. they are not up yet!). What I’d suggest would be that ALL Down Under Visa clients, old and current, should subscribe to the site by going to the bottom right-hand corner and clicking FOLLOW. You will then get an email every time a new article is published.

And yes, it’s free!

Note that these are NOT visa and migration articles. You won’t be doubling up. These are articles about understanding Filipino culture and cross-cultural relationships. Knowledge is power, and the more you understand then the better your relationship is! We get you over the migration line, but we still want to know that your marriages will last many many years! This will help!

So please FOLLOW, and please share this link with anyone you know who is married to or engaged to a Filipina lady.

PerryGamsby's first article going up today
Tourist visas to Australia. Why so hard?


  1. Richard Taefu

    Am interested in the Book’s that Perry Gamsby wrote.Thanks

    • Jeff Harvie

      Which book?


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