Philippines to Australia – Facebook Group for Australian Filipina couples

Down Under Visa have sponsored a discussion group on Facebook for Aussie Filipina couples, called Philippines to Australia.


I would say that most of our clients would use Facebook? VERY popular in the Philippines. I think only some of the elderly wouldn’t be using it these days as a way of keeping in contact with friends and family.

A Facebook GROUP is a like the older style discussion forums, but set up within Facebook and with the look and features that most people are very familiar with these days. And it’s open to the public to join, although the moderators decide who to let in. I’ll get to that in a minute.

We did this so there would be an opportunity for current and former Down Under Visa clients, as well as anyone involved in an Australian Filipina relationship, to be amongst the like minded. We moderate it to keep out people wanting to sell real estate and tacky gold jewellery as well as those seeking jobs in Australia and girls seeking their soul mates, because this gets very annoying!

So not a dating site, and not a place to get sold-to. And it’s not there as a Down Under Visa “fan page” either.

Why is it here?

It’s here to help break down the inevitable sense of isolation you get either when you’re apart and waiting for a partner visa application to be prepared and processed, and also to help when you don’t know anyone else in an Aussie Filipina relationship that you can compare notes with! You can share your stories, and listen to the stories of others. And you can use it to make friends.

Three Down Under Visa clients who met at the CFO Seminar

Three Down Under Visa clients who met at the CFO Seminar

And you can share in the good news when your visa is finally granted, and to see that visa grants DO happen when you see others in the same position as you share their good news with the group.


The good news!

You can even share the joy of babies being born!


Congratulations Bishop family!

So seriously, what are you waiting for? Go and join. We look forward to seeing you there!

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