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I’d like to ask a big favour!

Some of you are probably aware we have a directory site called (, which is specifically for places, services and businesses in the Philippines which are Aussie-friendly!


The site is getting a much-needed revamp at the moment, because it’s full of dead links. Plus, honestly? Many of the links are not as Aussie-friendly as they should be! What we always wanted was a site with nothing but Aussie-friendly things, which would be of benefit to those who visit the Philippines and to those (like myself) who live here.

eg. pubs, clubs, resorts, hotels, groceries, etc etc where Aussies feel comfortable and at home. Finding Filipino places and services in the Philippines is obviously easy! Finding Aussie and western things, not quite as easy.

Hotels and resorts where you can find a decent hamburger, decent steak, maybe some Bundy Rum for those who like Bundy Rum? Butchers who sell legs of lamb and Aussie-style sausages, or meat pies? Where can you get Aussie wine? Where can you stay where you don’t need to shower in cold water and have all the dried-fish you want for dinner and not much else? Where is there a nice Italian restaurant? Where can you go to watch the Grand Final on a big screen TV?

Now, we already have plenty of stuff, however we want to make the site better and brighter than ever.


Could kind people please suggest some places, sites and services which you’ve considered Aussie-friendly and westerner-friendly? Would be very much appreciated.

Please just add to the comments below. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Gavin Bartholemew

    Bacolod is the most friendliest place I have been to in the Philippines and I have travelled to a lots of places in the Philippines, the people there are much more friendlier than anywhere else I have been over there. the people are just friendly I suppose that’s why they call it the City of smiles.

  2. Steve S

    When I came to the Philippines the last thing I wanted was to eat Aussie food. My idea of travel is to get away from your own country and consume another culture, the people, the food, the language, the traffic, the noise, the pollution, the beaches… the foremost reason for choosing a Filipino relationship was because of their culture. Above all others in the world, the lifestyle and relationships mirrored my beliefs. Of course there are good and bad, but the good is great.

  3. Steven lisk

    Hi Jeff
    Tess and I stay at EGI mactan it’s ok good views good pool good staff good food or eat out Labella pizza it just up the road so is maribago grill
    EGI is cheap compared to others the supiror rooms have full sea view the pools and grounds are very good it’s over 20 years old but maintained and improved
    Wifi is an issue works in lobby though
    Easy transport jeep tricycle taxi
    Save more up the road lots of restaurants of varying cost and lots of Korean food

  4. steve andrew

    Arizona resort national hwy barreto. found it by accident and they have vegemite for your toast and lots of ausi stuff .Tommo the owner is a very colourful ausi bloke and Gavin the manager, another ausi, loves current info on whats going on back home and if you got a packet of Twisties you will be his best mate for life

  5. John Stewart

    Kingston Lodge is in Mindanao, Cagayan de Oro, to be precise, The lodge is owned and run by an Aussie, Danny Lawson, and has excellent steaks, or a choice of most Aussie meals, and Filipino food, full bar, Hotel type rooms, some for monthy rent and some Daily stay, prices are very reasonable. two swimming pools, Saturday night has a live band 6pm to 12midnight. Drinks are at basic prices’ You will find all nationalities there everyone is most welcome.

  6. Lizalyn de la Cruz

    Internationsl cuisine Resto behind Mall of Asia..would be good to dine. Microtel Manila nice place to stay .

  7. kat

    I’m from Davao City, Philippines. We are planning to visit Philippines on Christmas with my Aussie boyfriend. We are palnning to go Pearl Farm Resort. My long time favorite resort since I was young. You may visit .


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