Aussie-friendly places in the Philippines?

I’d like to ask a big favour!

Some of you are probably aware we have a directory site called (, which is specifically for places, services and businesses in the Philippines which are Aussie-friendly!


The site is getting a much-needed revamp at the moment, because it’s full of dead links. Plus, honestly? Many of the links are not as Aussie-friendly as they should be! What we always wanted was a site with nothing but Aussie-friendly things, which would be of benefit to those who visit the Philippines and to those (like myself) who live here.

eg. pubs, clubs, resorts, hotels, groceries, etc etc where Aussies feel comfortable and at home. Finding Filipino places and services in the Philippines is obviously easy! Finding Aussie and western things, not quite as easy.

Hotels and resorts where you can find a decent hamburger, decent steak, maybe some Bundy Rum for those who like Bundy Rum? Butchers who sell legs of lamb and Aussie-style sausages, or meat pies? Where can you get Aussie wine? Where can you stay where you don’t need to shower in cold water and have all the dried-fish you want for dinner and not much else? Where is there a nice Italian restaurant? Where can you go to watch the Grand Final on a big screen TV?

Now, we already have plenty of stuff, however we want to make the site better and brighter than ever.


Could kind people please suggest some places, sites and services which you’ve considered Aussie-friendly and westerner-friendly? Would be very much appreciated.

Please just add to the comments below. Thanks in advance!

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