Prospective Marriage Visa versus Partner Visa

Prospective Marriage Visas were, and still are, known also as fiancée visas. They also get called PMV’s, prospective spouse visas and various other titles. Technically they are a Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa, and they are the visa of choice if you wish to bring your Filipina fiancee to Australia and to marry later.

Partner Visas (spouse visas, spousal visas, etc) are technically a Subclass 309 Partner (provisional) Visa. These are the choice if you wish to marry before the visa is granted, especially if you marry your Filipina fiancee in the Philippines. If you are applying offshore, you may apply after the marriage or even before. You just have to realise that it won’t be granted until they see evidence of your marriage taking place. You can also apply for these if you are already in a committed and genuine de facto relationship, which is another topic in itself.


Most popular amongst Australian Filipina couples to bring spouses and fiancees from Philippines to Australia? Fiancee Visas (PMV’s) win hands down. About 3:1, we find.

Applying for partner visas inside Australia? That’s another option, and another BLOG post.

Differences in cost?

Yes, there’s a difference in cost between the two visas above. Reason? Because one is a partner visa, and the other is a prospective marriage visa. The prospective marriage visa gets the applicant to Australia, where they must marry the applicant within 9 months of the visa grant. Before it runs out, you need to apply for a Subclass 820 Partner (temporary) Visa inside Australia. And this isn’t free.

However, it’s not very expensive. And it’s not starting all over again. It’s a much simpler process, as they are aware that the applicant has met all the criteria for the Subclass 300 visa already. They are mostly after evidence that the applicant DID in fact arrive in the country, DID marry the sponsor, and that they DO live together like a committed couple would normally do. The application forms are largely an updating of the previous information supplied.

Government fee is currently AUD$1,145.00

The alternative is to travel to the Philippines yourself, taking 3 – 4 weeks off work, and accommodating yourself however you wish to be accommodated, in order to marry and to apply for a partner visa based on that marriage.

Can you do that for less than $1,145.00? I suspect you cannot.

Down Under Visa’s perspective

Our job is to manage a successful Australian visa application for you and your Filipina partner. We don’t mind! We’ve put up BLOG posts to compare marrying in the Philippines to marrying in Australia before. A useful article HERE.  Most people choose a fiancée visa over a spouse visa, definitely.

For us? We really don’t mind either way. We won’t talk you in or out of anything. It comes down to where you wish to marry. Your choice! You decide, and we’ll make our usual sterling effort to get that visa for you in a way that’s smooth and trouble-free.

Your wedding day is special. I hope sincerely that this will be the very last time you ever walk down the aisle to tie the knot, because I hope you’ve found your soulmate as I have. HUGE difference between a wedding in the Philippines to a wedding in Australia. You choose what makes you happy and what will fit in with your jobs and your temperaments. Don’t make money an issue, because it really isn’t one. Talk about it, and let us know. We look forward to helping you to bring your sweetheart to Australia and making your family together!

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