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Down Under Visa are Australian Registered Migration Agents. We’re based in Manila, and we guide our bewildered and often-confused Australian Filipina couple clients through the daunting tasks involved in preparing Australian Partner Visa applications. We also manage tourist visa applications for Filipina ladies involved with Australian men. We manage child visa applications. We manage Citizenship By Descent applications too.

I’ll tell you what we’re not! We’re not magicians!

We are successful. No question about it. We have a great reputation and we’re known as honest, straight-shooters. We’re not used-car-salesman type characters who will tell you any ol’ BS in order to get you in the door. In fact we send prospective clients away probably every single day!

Why? Because we play by the rules, and we are not magicians. If it’s not possible to get you a visa, it’s not possible. And we will tell you so, so we don’t waste your time or your money!

Examples of visa impossibilities

  • Getting a tourist OR partner visa for a couple who haven’t met in person
  • Getting a partner visa for a couple where one is still married (and not in a de facto relationship). Probably later, yes. But not while you’re still married!
  • Getting a visa for a couple with very little proof of a genuine relationship
  • Getting a visa for the girl you met 3 weeks ago
  • Getting visas for all the relatives simply because your wife wants them in Australia
  • Getting any visa whatsoever for someone who isn’t qualified for that visa
  • Getting a client to the “head of the queue” because they are pregnant
  • Getting a client to the “head of the queue” because they’ve booked tickets already
  • Getting on the phone and forcing the Embassy staff to hurry up
  • Forcing the court system to hurry up

There are “cowboys” out there. Plenty! Plenty of desperate local travel agents and assorted opportunists who will tell you anything you want to hear in order to get your money. I’ve heard things like:

  • Regularly plays golf with the Ambassador
  • Has friends “on the inside” who will take care of their clients
  • “I’ll have the Case Officer’s job for that!”

And of course the series of lies, plots, schemes and dodgy documents to try to play the system. We hear about all of these, because the clients come and see us after the schemes have failed!

What’s the Australian visa magic?

The only “magic” that Down Under Visa employ is having a great deal of experience with what we’re dealing with, ie. Aussie men (and ladies too) who fall in love with the ladies (and the men) of the Philippines, and want to bring them to Australia. We know the Migration Regulations and the departmental policy manual (called the Procedures Advice Manual, or PAM3), and we know how to gather and present the facts in such a way that it’s particularly trouble-free for the Case Officers in the Australian Embassy in Manila to see the real people and the real relationship behind the pile of paper. No magic. No sneaky favours. No BS, bluff or deception. If the applicant meets the criteria set out by the Regulations, they get a visa. Simple as that. It’s our job to see that happen. And we put in the long hours of hard work necessary. Yes, another “secret”. Hard work!

So, if we say NO? Please don’t be upset. We just saved you some wasted time and money.

Fortunately we find that most of the prospective visa applicants who come to us ARE genuine in their relationships. Mostly the NICEST people too, and so genuinely happy! They are not necessarily well-informed or on the right track, but we soon steer them right. And if you, like so many countless yet still VERY important others have, become our client then we look forward to steering you all the way to that Australian visa that will make your dreams come true!

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