Strategies to migrate to Australia – Get some help!

At Down Under Visa we have a free visa assessment form. Up the top of the page. It will take you five minutes and it’s free. And if you start your Migration-To-Australia-From-Philippines plan from there, it will make life a whole lot easier for you.

Use the free online visa assessment form on the Down Under Visa website as the best strategy to migration to Australia with a partner visa

We get a lot of emails and enquiries that start off with already-set plans that simply won’t work, and we often need to shatter those before we can begin to discuss any realistic strategy to bring your Filipina girl to Australia. Always hard to do this, because many of you have done your research and have your hearts set on a certain course, but we will not just meekly agree with you if we know you’ll just end up disappointed.

The 1 year Tourist Visa myth

One of the more common is the wish to use a tourist visa as a simple way to be together. Tourist visas in many countries are the “Basic Visa” that you can use for anything.

Not for Australia!

You cannot try to use an Australian tourist visa instead of a partner visa, or they will refuse the application. Tourist visas are for visiting friends and family, and for sightseeing. Unless you normally take on-year holidays, then they will see that you have other plans.

Most of you wish to be together permanently. Most of you have that intention very clearly, although there are two things that often cause an Australian man to hesitate before taking the plunge:

  • Cold feet! Yes, it’s a big decision and this is not so unusual.
  • Cost of partner visa application charges! These have gone up enormously in the last few years, so we can and do understand the motivation to put this off.

The fact is though, if you want to be together then you have to bite the bullet and make a start on an actual partner visa application. You can’t avoid it and you can’t keep putting it off if you want to be together long-term. We can most likely organize a tourist visa for you, but don’t ask for a one year visa because it won’t happen. Please read HERE for more details on this.

Best Australian Partner Visa options

Your choices are whether to marry in Australia or in Philippines, and whether to apply inside Australia (onshore visa application) or in Philippines (offshore application). And we don’t have preferences ourselves. Tell us what matters to you, and we will tell you what to do to make it happen.

Applying from inside Australia (onshore partner visa application) has become a popular option since they made onshore and offshore visa application charges the same. And with restrictions on applying for further visa applications when inside Australia on tourist visas have eased significantly over the last few years, this has become a realistic possibility. What it means is that you can spend your waiting time there inside Australia instead of apart, which most people find very appealing.

Main thing to be aware of this that this is one perfect example of why you need guidance from professional Migration Agents who specialize in partner visas from Philippines to Australia! You do NOT want to find yourselves inside Australia with a month left on a tourist visa and say “OK, let’s apply for a partner visa now!” This is not a good position to be in to start what will be one of the most important things you will ever do in your lives!


Because you will be short of time, and a visa application slapped together at the last minute may end up coming back and biting you! Good, sound and successful partner visa applications take time to organize and prepare properly. They require accurate information, evidence of who you are, whether you are of the right character and health to migrate to Australia, and most importantly evidence of your relationship being genuine and committed. It will require specific documentation from both applicant and sponsor, from Australia AND from Philippines.

If you are casual about this and if you take advice from some loudmouth know-it-all from the you-beaut Aussie Visas Facebook group, you will end up with a major disappointment and probably a mess to clean up. You may be like those poor unfortunates who ask us to take over applications which have already been submitted already and something has gone wrong. I even get a few telling me they don’t even know if they did an online application properly, ie. did they even lodge an application at all? All too late for us to help them at that stage.

So, we look forward to helping you to achieve the Aussie Filipina couples dream of being together I Australia. Please keep an open mind, and we will give you the best advice you will ever get.

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