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You’re in Australia on a three month tourist visa grant from the Philippines, and enjoying your time with your Australian fiancé (or husband or partner). Why wouldn’t you? He IS an Australian man after all! You’re coming up to the end of a three month stay. Can you stay longer in Australia, or do you need to return to Philippines?

Tourist visa extension in Australia? Or is it a new tourist visa application?



Can we apply again in Australia, or do I have to return?


Once upon a time it was common for tourist visas from Philippines to Australia to have a Condition 8503, which means “No Further Stay”. It used to be fairly standard until around 3 years ago when they stopped issuing them to every applicant. Whilst I still warn of the possibility of them, they appear to be ancient history. And with no restriction on further applications, it’s perfectly possible and feasible to apply for a further stay whilst the applicant is inside Australia, with no need to leave the country.

If it were me? Obviously if you wish to continue a blissful period of togetherness, then of course. Why not? And why return to Philippines if you don’t need to? Let us know. Just don’t leave it to the last minute!


Is there such a thing as a tourist visa extension?


No. No there is not. It’s a new visa application.

Clients ask us all the time “Can I get an extension?” or “Can the visa be extended?” No, it’s always a new application.

The other thing is the assumption that it will be easy, because you sent everything before. And the old “Surely they can see……..?” argument. Surely you don’t need to send anything else just like before? Surely they have all the paperwork and documents from the last application?

This is a Government department we are dealing with, PLUS we applied in Manila at the Australian Embassy before, and we will now be applying inside Australia directly to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). They deal with one visa application after another. Do you honestly think they will get on the phone to Manila and say “Quick! Send Maribel Fernandez’s papers to me now! Yes, the ones from 5 months ago!” Hardly!

And yes, we still have some of your visa requirements from last time. And obviously it was all fine before, but the months go on and everything needs updating. So please accept that we will need to do about 90% of the visa application process again.


Can we apply for a one year visa? Or just keep renewing?


You can apply, sure. Will they grant it? Almost certainly NO!

We’ve covered this issue before, and whilst it’s rarely proved too difficult for us at Down Under Visa to apply for further tourist visa applications inside Australia, it doesn’t mean you can do what you can do in the Philippines. You can’t just keep on extending a stay again and again. Tourist visas are still designed for visiting only, and not for couples to live together. Don’t expect that you can live for 12 months in a de facto relationship on a tourist visa and then apply for a partner visa as a de facto couple. They will see what you are up to, and they will refuse the application in a heartbeat. Extend your stay, sure. Push it as far as you can? Not a good idea! The don’t like people playing the system. Stick to the rules and we will all get on fine, ie. client, Department and Down Under Visa.

If you intend to apply later on for a de facto relationship based partner visa, take advantage of your time together to build a shared-life together. And collect as much evidence as you can. Enjoy yourselves, but keep your eyes on the prize at the end. And if you would like some guidance with that process, you only have to ask.


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  1. Jenny wopenka

    Dear Mr Harvie

    I want to inquire about a tourist visa application, the requirements and how much it’s going to cost me.

    Kind regards

    Jenny Wopenka

    • Jeff Harvie

      Hello Jenny

      Please use the assessment form on the website, and I can get back to you with all the details you need, including costs.

    • maria teresa

      good evening to all can i askd how to apply the tourist visa extension?

      • Jeff Harvie

        We don’t deal with student visa applications, sorry.

      • Jeff Harvie

        Please read the article. You will see that there is no such thing as a tourist visa extension.

  2. Patrick Michael goldfinch

    Hi Jeff I’m writing on behalf of my phillipino partner we recently returned from the Phillipines with her on a 3 month tourist visa and wish to see what’s involved with her staying afterwards with a view to marriage in time to come and also an estimate of costs involved please kind regards pat goldfinch

    • Jeff Harvie

      Hello Patrick

      Note that partner visas are complicated. Lots of work in a good application that will be successful. You may have left yourself short of time, especially if you wish to marry. I’d suggest you get an assessment from us, and we can advise you properly.

  3. Marichu Oledan

    Hi we have lodge our spouse visa in Philippines and there’s no news yet …its been 5 months already and I applied for tourist visa while waiting for a spouse visa to b granted i am currently here in Australia for my 3months visitor visa …what can I do if my visitor visa runs out? My husband want me to remain here for a bit longer while waitingvfor my spouse visa …how can I remain here and what should I do?can I apply for a new visitor visa to extend my stay? Thanks

    • Jeff Harvie

      Most of the time you get no information from the Embassy. They don’t give updates. And yes, you can apply for a further tourist visa.

  4. rowena

    Hai im rowena currently arrived here in australia as a tourist visitor visa is it possible to get a extension of visitor visa.thanks please kind regards rowena.

    • Jeff Harvie

      It is possible to apply for a further tourist visa application inside Australia, Rowena. It’s not an extension of the existing visa, though.

  5. Flora Edradan

    I am here in Australia since March 8, 2018 with my Visitor/tourist visa/multiple entry. Can you help me on how to extend my stay? I am currently living somewhere here in Mungallala, Qld.

    • Jeff Harvie

      Hello Flora. Please complete our online visa assessment form on the website, and we can see if we can help you.

  6. Revathy radaz


    Rev here need enquiry extend of tourist visa

    • Jeff Harvie

      We deal with Filipino applicants only, sorry.

  7. scott stevens

    Hi, i have a friend who is an australian citizen, her mum was out here from the phillipines when her husband died. Is there any way the mum can get an extension on her visa on compassionate grounds?

    • Jeff Harvie

      Does she have a No Further Stay condition on her current visa preventing applying for an onshore tourist visa? If she doesn’t, then you just need to prepare and lodge a new application. As for compassionate grounds? This would be the first Filipino I’ve ever heard of who wanted to stay away from her own husband’s funeral! Why doesn’t she want to return? I think you’d get an odd response if you tried to apply for a waiver on those grounds.

  8. Marie

    My mum has visior visa 600 multiple entry but cannot stay for more than 3 months
    So we decided to send her to NZ for 1 night is that ok? Or she needs to stay there longer ?

    Thank you

    • Jeff Harvie

      Please try to understand that whilst I’m happy to write useful articles, I don’t provide a free advice service. I still need to earn a living.

  9. Ankush Chopra


    My wife is here is on a tourist visa while she is still waiting for an answer on her application. Can we put in a new tourist visa 600 to extend her stay? What would be a good reason to give them, I was thinking on the lines that we have only visited Melbourne but we want to visit more of Gold coast and Sydney. Do we need to show proof of tickets etc Or something really nice you can recommend. Can we also apply for a student visa if she selects a course? Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Jeff Harvie

      I can’t give you good reasons, sorry. This is just a BLOG article, and you’re not my client. Student visas? Maybe. She would need to be qualified to apply, and you would need to convince them that you weren’t just using a student visa to extend a stay…..which you are! Sorry, but I can’t and won’t advise you to do “clever” things. You need to also make sure her current tourist visa doesn’t have any restrictions on it from applying again.

    • Rodz

      Hi, I just wanted to ask that I already have a visit visa for 3 months and I’m here in Australia but I wanted to extend my stay here for only 6 months, do I still need to get another application for my extension but still a tourist visa for 6 months? Is it possible,?

      • Jeff Harvie

        You would need to apply for an onshore tourist visa.

  10. Di

    Hi Jeff,

    My parents have being granted 3 months visit visa eventhough I have requested for a 12 months visa. They don’t have the condition as of no further stay, my question is, can they apply for a new visa requesting for another 4-5 months and not get that? I had made some plans with them and it bothers me emotionally so much.

    • Jeff Harvie

      You can apply for an onshore tourist visa before the current one runs out. No guarantee of an outcome though.


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