Down Under Visa set high standards in visa applications

Down Under Visa are Registered Migration Agents based in Manila. We specialize in getting Australian visas for Australian Filipina couples, because they want the lady to go to Australia from the Philippines. These committed couples come and see us because they don’t want to risk their applications being refused. They want to be together in Australia, be that for a short time with a tourist visa or permanently with a partner visa or a fiancée visa (prospective marriage visa).

And the job of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and/or Australian Embassy case officers is to make decisions based on a stack of papers as to whether the applicant is a genuine visa applicant and whether they qualify for an Australian visa or not.

Lots of paperwork, but down under visa insist on high standards in australian visa applications

And the job of Jeff Harvie and the team at Down Under Visa is to ensure that your case is very clearly communicated to the case officers and from that stack of papers they can see your situation clearly enough to make a favorable decision.

Know what THE most common reason for visa refusals is? The case officer not being convinced, because the visa applicant didn’t present their case clearly enough so that they may make a favorable decision and to grant a visa. Not lies, not criminal activity and not being bad-guys. Just poorly presented applications!

Therefore, Down Under Visa will continue to gather as much evidence of our clients’ relationships as we can and to bring about favorable decisions and more visa grants. That’s why you engaged our services in the first place.

Does Down Under Visa ask too much of clients?

Our success rate is considerably higher than that of clients who lodge their own visa applications, so I suspect we’re actually doing our job right. And that means we’re doing our jobs correctly, so why should we start asking for less evidence that proves your visa application is genuine?

The case officers don’t know you. They get one application after another across their desks. Thousands and thousands of them. And some of these will be from ill-intentioned people who only wish to lie their way across Australia’s borders and to take advantage of the opportunity to make lots of money on the black market. Fabulous opportunity, and it all starts with a dodgy visa application. And those applications go across the same desks and are seen by the same department and embassy case officers as those who look at yours.

If they are not utterly convinced that yours is a genuine application, they will refuse it. That’s how the rules work. They’re required to refuse the visa application if they are not convinced. So if the application is full of holes and gaps and not enough to convince them that you both have the purest of intentions, then they MUST refuse it.

At Down Under Visa, we know exactly what the Department and the Embassy like seeing in applications. How do we know? We know from experience of thousands of applications and noting when they ask for further information, we have a very clear picture of what makes up a great application. Therefore we make sure we ask for what they want to see. The end result is to see a very high number of visa grants, and that’s what this is all about after all. We don’t ask for photos of your granny, nor do we ask for a certificate from the swimming pool that says you swam 50 metres. We only ask for what is necessary to prove to a stranger in an office that another stranger has a good and believable reason to visit Australia. Nothing else.

So please bear with us. We know that some of you keep great records, and others are in the habit of tossing everything away. And we know that some of you are good with technology and that some of you find it a struggle. Please always keep your eye on the prize at the end. We want your visa application to be granted, but you most certainly want it a bit more!

Gavin and Michelle - Happy Down Under Visa Clients
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