Partner Visa to Australia – Frequently Asked Questions

Partner Visa to Australia? Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)!

Bet you wish you could find a really good list of FAQ’s about partner visas to Australia for your Filipina fiancée or wife which had everything you ever wanted to know, right? Does Down Under Visa have one for you? Yes we do, but this is even better.

We mentioned this the other day (or week) in the Down Under Visa BLOG.

Partner Visa to Australia - Frequently Asked Questions

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But yes, back to what I was saying. We’ve done the next best thing to a Frequently Asked Questions page, by making a Down Under Visa – Visa Q&A group page on Facebook. This is open to anyone interested in getting a partner visa to Australia from Philippines…….or a tourist visa to Australia from Philippines……or a family visa to Australia from Philippines (ie child visa, citizenship by descent, etc).

The idea is that if you have a question and don’t want to make a full email about it, AND especially if you suspect that plenty of others are probably wondering the same thing, then you really should do this. You should also join to read questions that others ask too, because without question you WILL have some “Yes, I was wondering that too!” and “Yes, a good question!” moments.

Any Visa-to-Australia FAQ’s on the Q&A Group?

Anything that matches up with what Australian Filipina couples would be wondering. If you are in a relationship with a Filipina girl in a romantic fashion, then yes.

If you are interested in work visas (457’s, skilled migration visas, etc), or getting jobs? No.

Student visas? Investor visas? Refugee visas? No, again sorry. And not for visas from India, Pakistan, Russia, etc. Our expertise is in visas from Philippines to Australia for Australian Filipina couples, and this is what we will stick to.

How will we answer the FAQ’s?

By video! I’m thinking it will be about once a week. I’ll video the week’s questions on the page, and I’ll answer each one personally. So instead of getting opinions from some enthusiastic and overly confident person with the experience of one visa application only (on one of the amateur how-to-get-your-own-visa groups or forums out there, you will have advice and answers personally, from Jeff Harvie (me). To those who don’t know me, I’m the Registered Migration Agent who operates the biggest, best and busiest migration agency practice in Philippines, Down Under Visa. We do nothing but visas to Australia from Philippines for Australians involved in loving and committed relationships with Filipinos and Filipinas. So you have the best qualified specialist you could find anywhere right here.

How do we start?

Just go to this link HERE, and you can join. Questions moderated, so we don’t get hassled by trolls. If you want to bring your Filipina sweetheart from Philippines to Australia, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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