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marrying a filipina lady in australia on a tourist visa


In this week’s episode of our Weekly Q&A one participant asked Is it possible? Marrying a Filipina lady in Australia while she’s there on a tourist visa?

The exact question was:

Can you marry a Filipina lady in Australia on a tourist visa?

Can you marry your Filipina lady in Australia on a tourist visa? Is it possible to marry when she isn’t a permanent resident? And can you apply for a partner visa in Australia on a tourist visa?

This is a fairly common scenario. Many Australian Filipina couples wish to avoid having to be apart during the waiting time for a partner visa to be processed offshore (overseas), and would prefer to be together on a Bridging Visa A during the visa processing time. But how difficult is this, and are there any possible problems? What about Condition 8503 (No Further Stay)? Is this still an issue for visa applications from Philippines to Australia? Learn from the experts.

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  1. Ben Stephens

    Hi DownUnderVisa,

    I have been in a relationship with beautiful Filipino woman for some time now. We are engaged and wanting to marry here in Australia, then live out our dream as husband and wife.
    I am currently unemployed and receiving cemtrelink benefits. However, I am working on starting a personal small business in the near future. I am confident my business will be a success, but want to know if my current income status will impede with our hopes, especially if I can’t get my business up and running in the near future?
    Because I am not wealthy, I have received advise that my fiancé should come here on a visitors visa, for us to then have a partner visa application submitted, so we can stay in Australia, get married and save the required fees during the 12-15 month time frame…

    As I stated I’m not wealthy, but I do have asset’s to sell so I know I can produce the required fees by the time the period is up…
    And my fiancé has recently successfully completed training as a nurse in the Philippines and is hoping to gain employment once here in Australia…

    How big an issue is my current status? Do I need to find temporary employment rather than focusing on my intended personal business? And if my business isn’t successfully up and running by the time we apply and I’m still receiving centre link benefits, will this mean a failed application?

    Any feedback much appreciated.



    • Jeff Harvie

      Ben, around 10% of our applicants receive pensions. It’s never proved to be an issue. We ask about your position, but it’s not nearly as critical today as it was in years gone by. Try not to listen to unqualified advice. What was suggested to you will only buy you headaches. Suggest that you go to the assessment form and let us advise you properly.

  2. Guy

    Jeff if I meet a Filipino girl here in Australia and fell in love with her and wanted to marry her and keep her here with me is that achievable with out her having to go back to the Filipinas. Thank you

    • Jeff Harvie

      That is achievable (a) if her tourist visa has no restrictions on making further visa applications inside Australia (ie Condition 8503), (b) if she has enough time left on her visa for you to organise a good application (note that it takes months to prepare), (c) if you manage to marry before you apply for the partner visa, and (d) if your application is prepared correctly and has plenty of evidence of a committed relationship. Let us know if you need help?

      • Anthony

        Hi I’m getting married in Philippines my Question is how hard will it be to get visa for my wife to come back to Australia with me and how long will it take

        • Jeff Harvie

          Please get a free online visa assessment done and I can give you details, Anthony

  3. Adam Sheen

    My Filipina wife and I were married in Australia last year . Do I need a visa for her to come to Australia can I bring her here on a tourist visa and then apply for a Bridgeing visa? We have a child who is a Australian citezin by decent and who has an Austraian passport.

    • Jeff Harvie

      You may apply for a tourist visa and they will decide if they grant it or not, Adam. But no, you don’t “apply for a bridging visa”. There are no free-standing bridging visas available. Please look up “bridging visa” on our BLOG page and you will see several articles about them. No, you need to apply for a partner visa. It’s complicated and a lot of work. Strongly suggest you get a free visa assessment done on our page.

  4. Wayne Hermann

    Hi Im Waqyne and I have a Philippino girlfriend and we have been together for over 18 months . I was wanting to know what direction to go with getting married and for my girlfriend to come here to Australia . I must mention that she has 3 chilren and they are lovely little girls . Is this going to cause problems with the Visa. Also I was hopping you could give me a ballpark figure of all fees and visa costs involve to get them here. Hopping you can give me some insight to where I go next . Thankyou for listening and I hope to hear from you soon. Thankyou

    • Jeff Harvie

      Too complicated for a BLOG page comment, I’m sure you can understand. If you can get a free visa assessment I can look at your situation and make some sound recommendations (including costing).


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