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Brendan and Lovely are an Australian Filipina couple who met and married in the Philippines and decided they didn’t want to risk the outcome of their visa application as it mattered so much to them. They sought the help of Registered Migration Agent Jeff Harvie from Down Under Visa.

Brendan and Lovely - Down Under Visa clients giving a positive review and testimonial of Down Under Visa, Registered Migration Agents in Manila Philippines


They are now happily settled in sunny QLD (where it’s great one day….perfect the next) and the loneliness is over for good. No more missing each other and wondering when they will next see each other, and no more having to worry about when and if their visa application will be granted. A Subclass 309 is a temporary partner visa, but it has all the same benefits of a permanent partner visa. The visa holder gets to remain in Australia from now on, even later when they finalise it as a Subclass 100 permanent visa.

Using a Registered Migration Agent who specialises in Australian partner visas from Philippines to Australia means not having to worry. Clients worry anyway, of course. But we actually don’t! Because we know exactly what we’re doing, and we never let a client down.

Thanks to Brendan and Lovely for their time and their kindness in sharing their story with us, and with those other Australian Filipina couples who are in the early stages and even the later stages of a partner visa application. It helps them to see that a light at the end of the tunnel most definitely exists, and that one day all the stress, worry and loneliness will be a thing of the past.




Jeff is a registered migration agent who has been helping couples with visas to Australia ... Jeff is the owner / operator of Down Under Visa

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