Shortchanging a visa application and refused visas

At Down Under Visa we push you! And I make no apologies for that and never will. We aim for the highest standards in information and supporting evidence and essential documentation. No shortcuts. No rush jobs. No slapping it all together and hoping for the best. We leave nothing to chance. Those who are under the illusion that using a Migration Agent means fast and easy visa applications, they may well not like this. But if you want to bring your Filipina lady from Philippines to Australia without refused visas, then please understand that this is necessary.

poor quality visa applications especially australian tourist visa applications quickly become refused visas

Tourist visa refusals

One of the more familiar subjects of emails and free visa assessment forms we receive is applying again after a refusal. “We applied for a tourist visa, and it was refused”. And whilst I’m always sympathetic, I’m rarely too surprised at the end results.

They have a limited time and a single opportunity to make a decision on whether somebody should get a tourist visa or not. If they are not sure that a visa application is genuine, they will refuse it. By “genuine”, I mean an application that is honest and matches the purpose for which that visa was designed. Tourist visas are for those who wish to visit friends, family, etc, and intend to return at the end, sure. Visiting a boyfriend or fiancé to enhance an existing relationship, yes that’s a genuine reason. Working illegally or looking for a job or working in a massage parlour and intending to overstay? Nope. Not genuine at all.

The point is that if you don’t have enough information to convince them otherwise, they will think the worst. Basically, they can’t take the risk and give the benefit of the doubt. They (the Department, and the Australian Embassy) are like security guards checking ID’s. If you have no ID and they can’t be certain, they will turn you away.

Ever see the tourist visa refusal notices? The decision notices?

We’ve seen a few umpteen hundreds over the years. Or I should say I’ve basically seen the same one with a few details specific to the case added. They generally contain a paragraph like this one:

The applicant is currently unemployed, and has not provided evidence of any other ties,
commitments, and responsibilities (other than family) to the Philippines, which constitute a
strong incentive to return. The applicant has not provided sufficient supporting documents
that relate to or describe her current personal and financial circumstances in the Philippines.
Having considered the information, I find that the applicant has failed to demonstrate that she
has significant economic ties to the Philippines that would induce her to return home within
the validity of the visa. I have considered the offer of support provided by her boyfriend in
Australia. Generally, however, offers of support or guarantees given by family and friends
in Australia are not sufficient evidence of a genuine temporary stay. The onus is on the
applicant to satisfy the decision maker that the applicant intends only to stay temporarily in

In short, it means:

They are not convinced the applicant has a genuine intent to visit Australia and then return, and that neither family back in the Philippines nor an assurance from the Australian sponsor are sufficient in themselves to remove their concerns. Simple as that.

What it means is that the case wasn’t presented properly. It doesn’t mean she should have had a job or a bank account, or that we should have shown them a land title or proof of owning a motorbike. That won’t mean much at all!

And this is why tourist visas are not “a simple tourist visa” after all. The best thing you can do is to get a professional to present your case for you, because we know how to put your situation in the best possible light so they can see you are as genuine as you actually are.

What about partner visa applications?

Same principle applies. No, they’re not looking so much at overstaying and picking fruit somewhere in Sunraysia illegally, as partner visa applicants tend not to be that type, but a visa refusal remains a real possibility. But they want to see evidence of being in a genuine relationship to ensure you’re not trying to get a partner visa that you simply don’t deserve. So you can expect the same level of pedantic nitpicking from us over partner visa and prospective marriage visa applications, because we want ALL our clients visas granted!

What if you have a weak case?

Ever come across that salesman where the boss could say “Sell that floozlewidget in the corner to that couple who just walked into the shop!”, and he would go and do it?

Well, sorry but we don’t work like that. Ask me to sell rubbish? Can’t do it! Ask me to turn your insincere relationship into something glowingly convincing? Sorry, can’t do that at all. I can only work on what’s actually there.

I can remember my own visa application with Mila years ago. We texted each other several times a day. Mila would sneak out on her employer to use free email at the local library (this was in Hong Kong). I would still sit in hotel rooms while I was traveling on business and write her long snail-mail letters about what I did that day. Sent gifts. She sent gifts. Had lots of photos. And when she came to Australia, we made joint bank accounts and everything else that a committed genuine couple would naturally do.

Point I’m making is that we had no shortage of evidence, because we were committed to each other and to our future, and this was without the great guidance of Down Under Visa because Down Under Visa didn’t exist back then! If your relationship is weak because you’re not committed, especially if one or both of you have been hedging your bets with another girl in the wings or an old boyfriend, then don’t be too surprised if we can’t present much of a case for you. If it’s because you’re rushing this through because you’ve truly only been in a relationship for a few weeks? Then take a few deep breaths and let the relationship develop for a bit so we have something solid to go off. Make sense?

Take your Australian visa application and visa grant seriously
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Jeff HarvieJeff Harvie RMA, MMIA
Jeff Harvie is a professional Migration Agent, registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority, a statutory body set up by the Australian Government to regulate the standards of the profession, and to give protection to consumers.



Jeff and his family team at Down Under Visa in Manila can help you to get an Australian partner visa from Manila, ie. a prospective marriage visa or a partner visa for your spouse or even your de facto spouse. They also help those couples who aren't quite ready for a spouse visa or fiance visa to get tourist visas so they can allow their relationship to develop. Jeff, Mila and Jeremy are all Australian Citizens and proud Aussies.