New and updated Down Under Visa website


Letting you all know that the Down Under Visa website has been updated and was uploaded over the weekend. And we’re pretty chuffed about it, actually. Not only is it more presentable with new photos and a generally fresher look, we’ve made a few things easier to navigate.

And please take note of the video in the webpage header! Yeah, must say I’m fairly proud of that one. Took a bit of coordination to get it all right. Please feel free to share with anyone you think will be interested.

Down Under Visa BLOG page

I’ve long been a bit frustrated with the way the BLOG page looked. A wealth of information in over 600 posts about Australian visas from Philippines to Australia and about useful topics for Australian Filipina couples, but largely it was the posts on the first page which were looked-at and the rest buried in a deep pile (like applications at the Australian Embassy). So much information, and so many answers to your questions, but required some serious digging.

But no more! No more do you need a large shovel to find what you need!

down under visa blog page areas of interest

Click on your AREA OF INTEREST, and it will take you right to those articles. And you still have the search menu too. Knowledge is power, and the more you study-up and read these articles the better you will get through the tough days ahead and the less mistakes you will make.

We’ve also made the articles themselves easier to scroll through, with them presented in “boxes” with pictures visible. Much easier to navigate.

down under visa blog articles

Leave a Testimonial

No doubt you’re all aware of our testimonial videos, as well as our reviews on Facebook and Google+ (which goes onto Google Maps). I guarantee that many of you made your decision to use our services after seeing these wonderful videos and hearing from real people just like yourselves. Seeing that we weren’t some cold monolith, or some fly-by-nighters with a cute website and not much all, I’m sure it helped many of you. Am I right?

If you can spare the time, this is one of those pay-it-forward opportunities. Your experiences and your honesty and your willingness to help others who are facing what was once a scary journey for you, it would be a kind thing. You don’t need to look stunning, nor do you need to speak like a stage actor. Be yourselves, and be assured that your story is highly relevant to many Aussie men and Filipina ladies out there. On their behalf, I say thanks in advance!

And please enjoy the new updated Down Under Visa website. Hope you find some useful articles on the BLOG page!




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