Breaking news – PIC 4020 changes revoked


PIC 4020 10 year change – It’s been revoked

The parliamentary term is “disallowed”. This was a change to the Migration Regulations done by the DIBP themselves, and it didn’t need to go through parliament. But Senators are allowed to move motions to change actions like this, and in this case they did. It was moved by Greens Senator Nick McKim, and obviously enough good Senators followed their consciences and voted to support the motion.

What it means is that PIC 4020 will still exist, but will go back to how it was before the November 2017 changes.

PIC 4020 ammendment is over, and the 10 year ban on false statements and bogus documents removed


What is PIC 4020?

PIC 4020 is Public Interest Criteria, or Regulation 4020 of the Migration Regulations (Cth) 1994.

It means that visa applications containing:

  • False statements (which includes omissions of important information)
  • Bogus documents (which includes documents with false information or significant errors)

May lead to a 3 year ban from making further visa applications if these are deemed to be material particular to the case, which means likely to affect the outcome whether intended or not.

The Department will also look at applications made and granted over the last 12 months, and if they find false statements and/or bogus documents exist in these visa applications, the Regulation and ban will also apply.


What happened in November 2017 to PIC 4020?

  • The 3 year ban was increased to 10 years
  • The retrospective examination went back 10 years
  • It didn’t matter whether the application was not granted or if it was withdrawn. All were caught in the net.


What happened to 4020 in the Senate today?

The changes are gone. It’s back to what it was. Firm but fair!

So still watch out. You are still just as obliged to be scrupulously honest in your visa applications. Don’t try to lie, cheat or scam. You will get caught, and you will pay a harsh penalty!


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