Down Under Visa Newsletter – 19 March 2018


Hello to all Down Under Visa clients, old, new/current and soon-to-be!

A bit of an update on current happenings with Down Under Visa and with our office……

Down Under Visa website updates

New Visa Webpages

We’ve been furiously changing some of the pages around to make the site easier to navigate, especially with visa types. Instead of having one page with partner visas and another page with everything else, we have separate pages for each visa type and option (such as the de facto option for partner visas, and for applying for a partner visa inside Australia on a tourist visa). We also have a page which compares Onshore Partner Visa, Offshore Partner Visas and Prospective Marriage Visas. 

Please take the time to visit as soon as you can, and please feel free to share the pages you particularly like on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media that you use. 

PS. We just tidied up a few things on the main site page too. 

Visa Grant “Ticker”

visa grant ticker

Visa Grant Ticker

We have a lot of visa grants. We’re a busy little office, and the high standards we set results in a lot of visa grants coming through. Is this a pride thing? Sure it is! We’re proud of the job we do, and we’re happy to show it off. Please have a look next time you look at the site.

New BLOG Page

down under visa BLOG page

Down Under Visa BLOG Page

BLOG page has the same content. It just has a menu which is much easier to use when finding articles on a particular topic. Note that there are over 600 articles in there, and this means a valuable resource.

So please make a point of visiting when you want to learn about something, and always please share what you like particularly on Facebook or other social media so others can benefit too. We’ve never been believers in keeping clients I the dark. Informed clients are much easier to deal with, rest assured!

Public Holiday this week

Thursday 22 March 2018 is a public holiday throughout Cavite. Emilio Aguinaldo’s birthday. He was a military leader in the fight for independence from Spain, and the first president of the Philippines. And being a Cavite boy makes him a particularly significant local hero. So we won’t be working on Thursday 22 March!




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