Steve and Leslie – Australian Filipina Couple – Their Story

Another Partner Visa from Philippines to Australia

Down Under Visa are THE Registered Migration Agents in Manila Philippines for Australian Filipina couples. Couples who want to bring their sweethearts from Philippines to Australia on a Partner Visa. Today we have Steve and Leslie who want to share their success story. They share their gratitude to the team at Down Under Visa for making it all possible.


Steve and Leslie, an Australian Filipina couple with a partner visa from Philippines to Australia thanks to Down Under Visa

Steve and Leslie



Steve and Leslie – Australian Filipina Couple

Steve and Leslie are like to many couples these days who find the love of their lives in another country and another culture. Steve is Australian and Leslie was born and raised in the Philippines, yet one day they met and fell in love. This wonderful happening made them want to spend the rest of their lives together. And that of course means a partner visa and a mountain of paperwork and bureaucracy to get through in order to secure a happy and stable future together. Australian visa requirements are confusing and a lot of work.

That bureaucracy was what sent Steve on a search for someone who could help them and to make sure they would end up together. Today he and Leslie tell their story about how they found and engaged the services of Down Under Visa, who are well-known and well-trusted Registered Migration Agents based in the Philippines. Down Under Visa do nothing BUT visas for Australian Filipina couples just like them. In fact Jeff and Mila Harvie are an Australian Filipina couple, who went through the migration struggle themselves many years ago.

Was the process of preparing an Australian visa application easy with Down Under Visa easy?  No, they admit it was not and that the standards they set were high. Yet at the end of the day they had a Tourist Visa granted and after they married their onshore Partner Visa was granted after only 6 months. Today they’re happy together in their new family home in Australia, with no regrets about using the skills of Down Under Visa to make it all happen.

We at Down Under Visa thank Steve and Leslie for their kindness in donating this bit of time to help others in the same position they were in last year to make a wise decision. And for that we thank them, and wish them many happy years together.



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