David and Maricel – Happy Down Under Visa clients

Australian Partner Visa from Philippines

David and Maricel are an Australian Filipina couple, in Australia together at last with an Australian Partner Visa from Philippines. They’re happily settled as a family with their two kids, ready to get on with the rest of their lives. They credit the success of their visa application with the fact they let Jeff Harvie from Down Under Visa manage the application for them, and to present their case in the best possible way. The fact that the Subclass 820 visa was granted in less than 5 months means that they did just that! Please enjoy this Down Under Visa review testimonial.

Another Down Under Visa review testimonial. David and Maricel with an Australian Partner Visa from Philippines to Australia courtesy of Down Under Visa

David and Maricel and kids



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Down Under Visa do nothing but visas for Australian Filipina couples, because they’re based here in Manila Philippines all the time and have knowledge and experience to help applicants go through the same process that they went through themselves all those years ago. Yes, Jeff and Mila are an Australian Filipina couple. And they went through the Australian migration process themselves years ago when Mila was an OFW working in Hong Kong. So they do truly understand what you’re going through, and are delighed with all of the positive outcomes than we see almost every day.

And we thank David and Maricel for sharing their story of their Australian visa grant and how it happened for them in this Down Under Visa review. We know how much this means to clients, especially those who are facing the migration process for the first time and realise how much is at stake if the visa application is unsuccessful. Seeing that their is a light at the end of the tunnel is of great comfort, no question about that. We wish the two of them and their two children many happy years together in Australia.

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