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We have a lot of information on our Down Under Visa website about Australian Visas, I’m sure you all know. And in the interests of creating and maintaining an informed clientele, we do our best to present the information and facts that will address concerns and confusion you may have so that you may make informed choices. We like to think we know and understand Australian Filipina couples, especially as Mila and myself ARE an Australian Filipina couple ourselves!


knowledge and information about Australian visas from Philippines


But whilst we know you and know what matters to you, I believe, better than someone who sits in an office in Melbourne and does just the occasional Australian visa from Philippines, We can never get it 100% right. Therefore we’d like to ask you (in my best Tom Cruise in “Jerry McGuire” voice):

Help me to help you!


New Australian Visa Pages

Prospective Marriage Visas:

Offshore Partner Visas:

Onshore Partner Visas:

Partner Visas (de facto relationship:

NZ Citizens Family Relationship Visas:

Tourist Visas:

Child Visas:

Citizenship By Descent:


These are fairly new pages on the Down Under Visa website. Been up a few months, basically. And they explain in clear detail all about that specific visa. As I said though, we would like to do better and would really appreciate your input.

Can you:

  • Please try to think of questions about the visa (or visas) that interest you
  • If you’ve been at this for a while, even try to think back to when you were first making enquiries and didn’t know very much at all. What did you need to know back then?
  • And could you please put those questions in the box on the appropriate page?

It’s down the bottom of each of the new pages and looks like this below:

Australian visas from Philippines questions and answers


Thanks very much in advance for your help. Much appreciated.


Relationship evidence for onshore partner visa applications
Visa Grant Notices - Read them! No one will remind you!