Professionally prepared Australian visa applications from Philippines


Australian Tourist Visa applications from Philippines are NOT “simple tourist visa applications”. An e-Visitor application from the UK? Yes, that’s pretty easy. But this is not one of those, and it’s being applied-for in Philippines. Australian Visa applications from developing nations are seen as higher risk because there are many who would (and do!) risk overstaying in Australia because of the economic benefits.

Therefore we have a job at hand to present strong cases that show that the visa applicant from Philippines is of a low risk of overstaying and will return at the end of the visit. And that requires diligence that comes from caring about the outcome.


Australian visa applications  require hard work and professional management

A Quality Visa Application versus The Travel Agent Way

In Australia it’s illegal for anyone other than a Registered Migration Agent to give migration advice (ie. advice about visa applications) to anyone. Yes, you find the occasional scam artist breaking the rules, but you don’t have sellers of bus tickets and hotel bookings claiming that they can get you a visa for any country you could mention like how it exists in the Philippines.

Here? Anywhere you go, you will find a travel agent next to a hair salon and a generic pharmacy which will happily help you, and yes they will be a whole lot cheaper than Down Under Visa. But you get what you pay for, and you certainly don’t get the same standards set by an experienced and ethical Registered Migration Agent.

But whilst there are umpteen thousands of these in the Philippines, we don’t get people saying “…but Jhun Jhun’s Travel and Bus Tickets are cheaper than you” because I think most Australians realise that you need to compare apples with apples and that you don’t get a Rolls Royce service for rusty tricycle prices.

What I do find annoying sometimes stems more from the assumption that a visa application is something we at Down Under Visa can do in a similar manner to the travel-agent-prepared application, ie. passport, a handful of photos taken with the selfie-stick and cheeks pressed together, and we’ll fill out the form while-you-wait.

No can do!

No, if you want a Rolls Royce service, then you need to settle back and let us manage, prepare and lodge it Rolls Royce Standard! We won’t do poor quality visas based on what you have on-hand, and if that means we don’t take your case then so be it.

Unlike the travel agents, we have a Code of Conduct we need to adhere to. We can lose our registration with MARA if we don’t. We need to be honest about an application’s likelihood of success, and we must not lodge vexatious applications. “Vexatious” means with a poor chance of success. And there’s also matters of professional pride.


Australian Visa Applications – The Down Under Visa

  1. Free online visa assessment of your case, with an honest appraisal of your chances
  2. If we’re all happy to proceed, a written contract stating rights and responsibilities
  3. Access to our exclusive online Client Portal, accessible to you 24/7
  4. Client questionnaire which gives us all the information about you and your case that we need for the application, all done online
  5. A detailed and customized list of visa “requirements” based on your own circumstances, also on the portal
  6. Clear instructions, video tutorials and FAQ’s which will answer 99% of your questions and keep you on-track with what a quality application needs
  7. Thorough scrutiny and double-checking of your documents and relationship evidence that you submit, and clear instructions on any corrections needed
  8. Speedy responses to any questions you have during this process
  9. Preparing application forms professionally, and having them double-checked by you before lodgement
  10. Lodging the application electronically, liaising with the Department when necessary, and seeing the visa application through to finalization


Yes, quite a few steps involved in a professionally managed visa application, but it gets results and that’s what it’s all about. And our clients keep on coming back as well as sending their friends to us, so it’s very obviously working.

If you want to give yourselves the best chance of success with a Tourist Visa application from Philippines to Australia (OR a Partner Visa, Child Visa or a Citizenship application for your biological children), then why not spare five minutes and do a free online VISA ASSESSMENT FORM.


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