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Australian Visas from Philippines – in Safe Hands with Down Under Visa

Down Under Visa and staff? We really do know what we’re doing. We are THE place to go for a Australian visas from the Philippines for Australian Filipina couples. Jeff Harvie at the helm. Twenty-odd years experience with Philippines and Australian Filipina relationships, happily married to Mila(… the best export from the Bicol region!), and a qualified experienced Registered Migration Agent of high repute. Mila here to deal with “secret womens business”. Son Jeremy as the office admin manager with a sharp eye for detail (and also married to a Filipina lady). Daughter Remy as our administrator who keeps the Migration Hub updated and pumping. And our six office staff members who do the document-checking  and the organizing of visa requirements that for the most perfect of visa applications.


australian visa grants are not given out easily, and being a worrier or being too casual will make the visa grant process so much harder

Which client are you? Too casual, or too stressed?


We’re THE place to go to manage your Australian visa application for the girl of your dreams from Philippines. Hundreds of clients every year place their trust in Jeff Harvie and the team for their Australian visas, and they tell us things like this:

Down Under Visa provided us with fantastic service. We did an offshore partner visa application for my wife Florina. We got the Visa really quickly, only 4 months, and that I’m sure was because of the thorough job that Down Under Visa did with our application.

I found the whole process very professional. The team at Down Under Visa really know what they are doing. They have a portal website that makes it easy to track and submit all of the requirements. Everything that we were required to do was listed on the website. Basically all I had to do was provide them with everything they asked for. If I had any questions along the way, they were really responsive. They provided me with good advice and I was confident that I was in good hands. I’ve got friends who have used other agents and they are still waiting for their visa, because I think they used a generic agent who did not know the specifics of Filipina visa applications.

Jeff and the team at Down Under Visa specialise in applying for visas for Australian/ Filipina couples. They make sure when they submit the visa application that it is done correctly with all the information required. Now my wife and I are happily living in Australia, planning our family. Thank you so much Jeff and Jeremy and the rest of the team, you have two very happy customers with myself and Florina.

Thanks Craig and Florina!


Different Clients – Different Approaches

Jeremy raised this topic with me earlier. He pointed out how we sometimes find two extremes of client, but how our consistency is what sees them almost all through to those prizes which are Australian visas at the end of the journey.


The Stressed Worrier

This is the client who worries constantly about what could go wrong. They usually ask us right from the start for strategies (and costs) if the application is refused and they have to lodge an appeal (merits review) at the Administrative Affairs Tribunal (AAT) or if they have to apply again.

And this is also the client who scours the internet for additional strategies and tales of warning and woe found on internet advice forums and Facebook groups. We spend a fair bit of time explaining why these strategies are not necessary and how these matters of concern we’ve already dealt with.

On the first point? We can’t give guarantees. It’s unethical, and our Code of Conduct forbids promising outcomes. I can however tell you that refusals, whilst they do happen, don’t happen very often. Weak cases, we turn away. And those strong cases that we keep? We watch them very closely, and we pick on you to no end if you don’t get us what we need. You paid us to be thorough, and thorough we are. Tourist visa refusals happen from time to time (and rarely for couples), but our last partner visa refusal was a few years ago. Follow our directions and don’t get side-tracked with Facebook-group advice!

Second point? I just had someone ask me a question on our Philippines to Australia Facebook group, and asked the same question on another group (with no in-house Registered Migration Agent!) and couldn’t believe the rubbish that people were telling this poor chap! We do nothing but Australian visas ie. Partner Visas (spouse/partner/de facto visas and fiancée visas) and Tourist Visas plus Child Visas and Citizenship applications for Australian Filipina couples. We live and breathe this! You also PAY for our expertise, and too many cooks will definitely spoil your visa broth! Read what we give you! It will keep you busy enough!


The Laid-back and Casual Client

And by contrast, we have this person! On the surface, less work because we don’t hear as much from them. But much as we adore all of our clients, we probably prefer the worrier! The laid-back and casual client is more likely to make a mistake, run out of time or short-change us with visa requirements that we need.

This is the client who gets to the point where the tourist visa which the Filipina lady is using to remain in Australia is about to run out, or the point-of-no-return of her pregnancy is coming up rapidly. Or they are the ones who let the visa run out or essential visa conditions are breached because of missed deadlines. This can result in visas being cancelled and ladies having to return to Philippines all alone. This is the client who forgets the fact they were supposed to get married before we applied for a partner visa, or didn’t organize enough relationship evidence for the application to demonstrate a strong case.

These clients are harder to manage for us, but again we don’t lose too many of you! It just means we need to push harder, however there’s a limit to how much we can do if clients just don’t do the things they need to do. We will give all the guidance, encouragement and clarification needed, but we need you to get stuck into this with enthusiasm. We have great success rates, but we need you to do your bit. I would say that 80%+ of the value in a visa application is the documents and relationship evidence (ie the visa requirements) that you supply us with. We can tell what to get and how to get it, and we can check it thoroughly for quality and quantity, but you still have to gather it up and send it to us. If you’re too casual about this, and if you don’t watch the dates and deadlines, yes it can all go wrong.


Solution to all of this is to choose your Registered Migration Agent wisely, and then follow the guidance and advice that you receive. It will remain scary to the worrier, and it will seem like too much work to the laid-back person. But you really are in safe hands with Down Under Visa!


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Jeff Harvie is a Registered Migration Agent from Australia, but resident in Philippines since 2010 with his Filipina wife Mila and large extended family. Experienced with the Philippines culture, cross-cultural relationships and bureaucracy as well as Australian visas and Australian Migration Law, he writes with authority and fortunately with enough informality and humour that the average Aussie gets it!
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