New Year and New Volcano (Thanks Taal!)

Hello to all clients and regular BLOG readers. It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, and we haven’t stopped for a breath since our new work-year started. We hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year, and we hope this is the year for you when great things happen.


taal volcano, taal erupts


And thank you all for being patient over our break and not hassling us. We only get one break per year, and Christmas/NewYear seems to be the best time to do it. Rest assured we’re back and ready to help you again as we always are.


Taal Volcano


Taal volcano is about 25km from the crater. Close enough to be showered with ash at least once, and maybe again. And hopefully our electricity supply will remain. AND hopefully it will soon be over. Fingers crossed.

So in short, we’re in no danger. Your information and your applications are safe, and it’s business as usual. If you don’t hear from us, it will mean we’ve lost power and therefore internet, so please bear with us if that happens. If you have family who are close and you’re concerned, please use the reliable Government website HERE.

I’d suggest that no one gets too caught up in the hype. If anyone is in a few barangays in Batangas or on the Taal island itself, they should have been evacuated by now. The danger is in the volcanic ash, and possible tsunamis for those in barangays on the shore of the lake and to low-lying land. And the ash is hazardous to breath in. Most sensible people stay indoors, of course. Schools are closed. We go out when we need to, and we wear masks.

Again, hopefully over soon. More nuisance than anything else!


Busy Start to 2020


Yes, busy start to the year like most Januarys we’ve had. Everyone is on-deck, and your application is getting great attention as always. And as always, we put quality ahead of speed. We will never compromise quality and do rush-jobs. Quality and attention to detail are what gets visa grants, which is what we all want after all!

Hope you all like the upgrades to the Migration Hub. Just a start, so you will see better things in the coming weeks. Best regards to all!



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