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Hello all, and happy new financial year! Just a couple of things to cover which are important. Note that this is directed at Down Under Visa clients only who are waiting for grants of their Australian visa applications or are just starting the process.


Tourist visa from Philippines to Australia but the Australian and Filipina haven't met in person yet

Chin up! We’ll get there!


Effects of Australia lockdowns on visa processing


The same as every other lockdown and crackdown. None whatsoever. The Department of Home Affairs (Immigration) keeps working. Australian visa applications are being processed, and Australian visa grants are flowing out as per normal. Don’t worry about this, please!


Visa Application Charges


It’s long been the practice of the Department to put up visa fees on 1st of July every year.

In 2020 they didn’t raise anything, however this year they have. It’s a CPD increase and appears to be about 0.98%. So not so bad, and it’s the first increase in two years. 

NOTE: Down Under Visa professional fees haven’t gone up (and haven’t for a few years now), and we always hold to professional fee charges in Agreements when you become our client. However we obviously can’t hold off the Department increases.

Citizenship By Descent has gone up and Citizenship By Conferral has also gone up considerably. As they point out though, these haven’t increased in 5 years. 


Prospective Marriage Visas – Grant holders


They stopped granting these for about a year, as many of you know. They said they were still processing, but none actually came through until, I think, March 2021. And they continue to grant them and are gradually getting through the backlog.

Many of you are also aware that Subclass 300’s don’t fall into the Travel Ban Exemption categories like partner visas do. Why? No idea, and no logic. But at the moment there is no basis to apply for an exemption in order to travel.


What can Down Under Visa do? 


Sorry, but absolutely nothing!

What will happen if the visa expires before you are able to enter Australia? They’ve given us no helpful advice on this at all, again very sorry to say. I get emails from Prospective Marriage Visa holders most days asking “What if the visa expires and the borders are still closed?” Well, I like to be hopeful and positive and believe that the borders will open before then, but that’s only guess work on my part. I have no insider knowledge and no political influence (or there would be some bums kicked, I can tell you!)

So sorry, I have nothing to tell you at this point.

Please be aware of your rights as Australians! You have a local Member of Parliament (Federal….don’t waste your time with the State Member) who’s job it is to represent you. Go and see them and complain loudly about how this is affecting you as their constituent. When you get a good and effective Member, they can often achieve amazing things. 


Options for those who have NOT yet had their PMV granted


NOTE: NOT yet granted! This does not apply if you already have the PMV in your hands!

Please look at the online weddings! Plenty of articles this year (just look at and take your pick!) If your Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa is NOT yet granted, look at getting an online marriage and changing the application to a Subclass 309 Offshore Partner Visa. Once you have that, no travel ban exemption needed! Email me about it, OK?


Avoid the Facebook (or other) Visa Advice Groups or face the consequences
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  1. Ma Lourdes Intal

    Hi mr Jeff, I just want to ask if we can apply again for a de facto visa this 2022.. we already applied last 2018 but it was denied. My partner is Aussie citizens and iam a pinay.hope you can help me thanks


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