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Is an Australian tourist visa easy to get?

There’s a high refusal rate for most people to try to lodge their own applications. This is the visa-of-choice for those who choose to run away and work illegally for years, therefore they scrutinize applications very carefully.

How long a stay can I get for my Filipina lady on a tourist visa?
What if the kids are still in the Philippines?
Next How long a stay can I get for my Filipina lady on a tourist visa?


  1. Dianne Rose Alvarado

    Good day, may i ask if is it possible to get a tourist visa through an australian friend relationship only?

    • Jeff Harvie

      Anything is possible, however you ask yourself if YOU would believe someone wants to spend 3 months in Australia with a “friend”?

  2. Jordan Purdue

    Is it hard to bring family on a tourist visa just wondering we maybe thinking of bringing my sister in law to Australia for a visit and would like to know if it is hard to do

    • Jeff Harvie

      Yes, sisters-in-law are still family and if she is young and has nothing much tying her to the Philippines they will see her as a high risk of overstaying. So yes, often very hard. And right now you need to wait for the travel bans to be lifted.

      • Rhys

        Can I bring my wife on a visitor visa to Australia for 2 weeks ?
        She currently works in philippines and also studying in the philippines

        • Jeff Harvie

          Possibly, Rhys. I would need you to do a free assessment to advise you properly.

  3. Sean Swanson

    I was wondering if it is worth applying for a tourist visa now for my partner in the Philippines, knowing the boarders are still closed, but she will be in the system, I was told a prospective marriage visa would be denied as I only spent a week in the Philippines with her,
    Thank you for your time

    • Jeff Harvie

      Rather than speaking to friends about this, I suggest you get a free assessment done. Costs you nothing and will take you five minutes. If your case is hopeless, I’ll be the first to tell you. But there’s usually something that can be done.

  4. Dean

    Have you any tourist visa granted this year 2022 Philippines to Australia plus how long did take tourist visa take get granted. Thanks

    • Jeff Harvie

      Yes we’ve had plenty, and average of 1 – 2 months


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