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Do you help with visa applications lodged in Australia too? Or only in Manila, Philippines?

Yes, we certainly do. We lodge applications for partner visas and tourist visas at Department offices in Australia all the time, and we lodge them electronically through our business IMMI Account. Not a problem.

What happens if I submit false documents or make false statements?

You must never do this, or you will risk refusal and a 3 year ban. And never ask Down Under Visa to cover up for you. Please read this for a further explanation: https://www.downundervisa.com.au/2014/09/24/mistakes-in-your-visa-application-documents-the-wrong-way/

What is the price for an Australian visa?

How much does it cost to get a visa to Australia? It depends on the visa, and the price can change because the Australian Government can increase the visa application charge at a moments notice. And they’ve now introduced charges for adding children to a visa application as secondary applicants. When you fill out our online assessment form, we will give you a fixed quote on what it will cost you, including government charges and our own professional fees. Those who shop around find our charges very reasonable. And there are no hidden costs. There is a lot of work that goes into the management of your visa application, and what price can you put on your future?

The five-year rule!

You may sponsor no more than TWO applicants for partner visas or fiancée visas (prospective marriage visas) in your lifetime, and if you are on your second sponsorship this must be more than five years since you lodged the first visa application! Read this article for more information.

Problems at the airport?

Please read this article.

Should we include the children in the visa application?

he easiest and cheapest time to bring children is as part of the initial visa application. And Down Under Visa do not charge for the addition of kids in partner visa applications. Please read the following article, and make up your own mind. https://www.downundervisa.com.au/2013/10/06/australian-partner-visas-should-you-include-the-kids/

Why a partner visa?

Please read this blog post.

Visa refused? Help!

Please see this.

De Facto Visas?

Please read this post.

Identity fraud & fake papers

Please read the linked post for more complete information.

Are you free to marry?

It means you are not currently married to someone else. Please see this for further information.

My wife/fiancée/girlfriend is pregnant. Can this be done faster?

Congratulations to both of you! Unfortunately this is not so uncommon, and the Department won’t treat you as a special case at all. This is something you should handle sensitively for obvious reasons. So please read this for more information. https://wev.downundervisa.com.au/2014/04/21/is-she-pregnant/

False documents and 4020

For further perspective see this.

Why are tourist visas so hard to get?

Please read this post for further information.

Can I bring my relatives?

Please read this Blog Post.

Are tourist visas a waste of time?

Only if you are not a tourist. Please read this post.

No, they are definitely not a waste of time. You just need to be certain that your intentions are genuine and that you have a strong enough relationship to back up the application. And the way the application is presented makes all the difference.

Avoid wasting time, and get Down Under Visa to help. Start with getting an assessment of your case, and be assured of an honest response from us.

Condition 8503 No Further Stay

Read this post for further information. (and note the 2016 update)

Can I get a 1 year tourist visa?

It’s very difficult to get a one-year tourist visa, because they don’t want you to use a tourist visa as a substitute for a partner visa. No one takes a “one year holiday”. Please read this article for a better explanation. https://www.downundervisa.com.au/2014/08/30/1-year-tourist-visa-filipina/

Tourist visa or partner visa?

Please keep in mind that tourist visas are NOT short-cuts to partner visas. Tourist visas are for tourists. Please read this post.

Should we do the application ourselves?

Please read this post here.

Where should we marry? Australia or Philippines?

This is really up to you, but there is much to consider, please read this..

Should I get a Spouse or Fiance Visa?

There are a few factors that determine the best choice. For a complete answer read this post

What application forms do I fill out?

You don’t need to fill out visa application forms. Not the Form 40SP, Form 47SP, or Form 1419. Even the Form 956, you only need to sign it after we complete the details. We don’t expect you to fill out forms, as this is our job to do. Please read this: https://www.downundervisa.com.au/2014/07/22/filling-in-visa-application-forms/

Planning on calling into the Australian Embassy in Manila to discuss?

The Australian Embassy doesn’t work like that these days.

  1. You need an appointment to get in to see them
  2. They won’t discuss visa applications with you anyway. They will direct you to their website.
What happens if it is refused?

If the visa is an offshore visa (eg. Tourist visa, offshore General Skilled Migration visa, or Student visa), then there is no right of appeal. If it is an onshore visa, or if there is an onshore sponsor, then yes it may be appealed at the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT). The MRT is independent of the Department, and will overturn decisions if they are proved to be incorrect. Please read this: https://www.downundervisa.com.au/2014/01/25/australian-visa-refused-what-should-you-do/

Will the Department contact us when we get the visa granted?

No, they contact us. And we will let you know immediately.

I’m worried about my fiancee going to Manila for the interview. Can you help?

She won’t have to worry, as long as she is well-prepared. And we will make sure she knows what to say (and what NOT to say!). However MOST of the time she won’t need to go to manila. Face to face interviews are rare, especially if your application is put together properly. And Medical examinations can be done in Cebu City, Davao and Baguio too.

After applying, when will we hear from you?

You will hear from us whenever we hear something from the Department. There is nothing gained by asking us “Have you heard anything?” If you hear nothing from us, it means we’ve heard nothing from them. We’re definitely not ignoring you. We will be with you all the way through. But you need to be patient. Please read this: https://www.downundervisa.com.au/2013/12/05/australian-visa-application-processing-updates/

Can you push a visa through quicker?

Definitely not! And any agent who says they can, they are not only lying they are also breaking the Code of Conduct (assuming they are registered!) Visas are GRANTED when the Regulations are met. They are nobody’s “right”. You are not a “customer”, and they won’t be pushed. You need to be patient. The very worst thing you can do is to do the “I’m a taxpayer and I know my rights” outburst. And beware of any “agent” insinuating they are friends with Departmental staff who can fast-track. This is the Australian Government you are dealing with, and you don’t want to be party to suggestions of obtaining special favours from Departmental officers, as this smells of serious corruption. Even if we believed this was a possibility (which we do not!), we run an honest business and would never involve ourselves in this sort of thing. Please don’t ask us. Please read this: https://www.downundervisa.com.au/2013/12/04/australian-visa-application-taking-so-long/

Why does it take so long?

Because the Department deals with hundreds of thousands of applications every year. Most of the processing time is literally taken up by the application sitting in a large pile waiting for a Case Officer to be assigned. And if there is investigation to be done, or further information to be sought, then it will take longer. Once the application has been assigned, it is quite possible for a visa to be processed in a single day if it is well-prepared and all of the requirements are clearly met. But it still sits in the large pile first before they pick it up. Please read this: https://www.downundervisa.com.au/2013/12/04/australian-visa-application-taking-so-long/

What is the processing time for an Australian visa?

This depends on the visa! It also depends on how busy the Departmental office is at the time. Visitor Visas (when appropriate) may only take a few weeks. Spouse or fiancee visas an average of 9 months or longer. Tourist visas approximately 2 – 3 weeks processing time.

My partner is the same sex as me. Can I apply for a visa?

As a de facto partner, yes quite possibly. As a fiancee, no. Please contact us?

My girlfriend/boyfriend is already married and is (or is not) seeking an annulment

As a de facto partner, yes quite possibly. As a fiancee, no. Please contact us. And please read this: https://www.downundervisa.com.au/2013/07/16/de-facto-visas-for-malefemale-couples-and-same-sex-couples/

(For spouse and fiancee visas) Should we marry in the Philippines or in Australia?

Please read this BLOG POST (https://www.downundervisa.com.au/2013/10/01/where-should-you-marry-australia-or-philippines/ ) for more information. We can help you either way, so it’s entirely up to you.

Should we just apply for a Tourist (Visitor) Visa instead of a Spouse or Fiancee Visa and keep things simple?

If only it were that easy! In some cases? Yes. But for the average Filipino it’s very hard to get a Visitor Visa. Please read this BLOG as it’s explained in great detail.

I don’t live near your office. How can we deal with you?

Our main office is in Dasmarinas in Cavite, (which is about 45 minutes form the Manila airport). In most cases we don’t need to see clients at all. In this electronic age, we can do everything we need via email and couriers. We have clients from all over the world, and many successful visa applications from people we’ve never physically met. If you need a face-to-face, provided we are in the correct place at the time, we can always make arrangements. And we are VERY quick to return emails!

Do you speak Tagalog/Pilipino?

My wife Mila does. (I speak enough to get myself into trouble, and that’s about it). So basically, yes we do. Please read this: https://www.downundervisa.com.au/2015/02/19/down-under-visas-valuable-resource/

Do you give money-back guarantees, or do you do “no win, no fee” work?

No, we don’t. Lawyers who offer this invariably charge much higher rates to do so, and we don’t want to operate like that.

However we do offer to all our clients that we will redo their applications without charging a professional fee if their visa application has been refused. This is dependent on the refusal not being because of a serious error, false statement, fake document or omission of important facts on their part, or if there is a serious illness that led to the refusal.

Note that the Government will not refund their charges when there is a visa refusal.

Do you give guarantees?

Under Section 2.14A of the Code of Conduct for Registered Migration Agents (which is set in Law), we’re not allowed to do that. However, under Section 2.6 of the Code, we need to be honest with you about the likely success of a case. We turn clients away on a regular basis when we don’t believe their application would succeed. And remember too that the decisions to grant a visa comes from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), so how can anybody guarantee a decision that is out of their hands anyway?

I found another agent in Philippines who was cheaper than you!

The Philippines is full of unregistered “agents”. And almost every travel agent becomes an instant Migration Agent when the opportunity comes their way. Of course they’re cheaper! Registration for Registered Migration Agents costs money! So does maintaining a professional library, attending Continued Professional Development courses, keeping proper records and running a professional office. And there are those “agents” who don’t actually submit an application for you at all. Very cheap! Proceed at your own risk. In Australia it is a criminal offense to give migration advice without being registered with MARA. With an unregistered agent, you run a serious risk and you have no protection or comeback. Please read this: https://www.downundervisa.com.au/2013/05/26/no-substitute-for-knowledge-and-experience/

What are the requirements for a visa?

People always ask “What are my requirements?” Different visas, different people, different situations, different requirements. Once you become our client, we will give you all the checklists and guidance documents you need, and we are always available to answer questions. Once you’ve become our client, never be embarrassed to ask! The other side of this coin is that if you are not our client yet, please don’t expect we will analyse your your case and give you free advice on how to lodge your own visa application. We will assess your situation and give you an opinion on whether you have a strong case, and we will do this for free (many agents charge for this), but don’t ask us to work for nothing. Please read this BLOG post.

But my friend told me …………………. ?

For some reason, everyone’s an expert when it comes to migration. There are over 70 different types of visa for Australia. The Migration Act of 1958 and the Migration Regulations of 1994 are like a couple of phonebooks in thickness, and many of the Laws and Regulations change several times per year. And there is very little consistency across the different visa types. Beware of well-meaning friends! And PLEASE don’t seek advice from those annoying amateur-run “advice forums” on the internet. Just because somebody managed to get their own visa application refused does NOT qualify them to advise you on yours. They are actually breaking the law by giving advice when not registered with MARA. Stay away! Please read this: https://www.downundervisa.com.au/2014/05/09/the-advice-forums-english/ and also this: https://www.downundervisa.com.au/2014/04/07/choosing-a-good-migration-agent-and-then-listening-to-them/

Who will handle my visa application?

Our main office is in Manila, where it’s very affordable to fill your office with low-paid staff. And many agents do just this. One agent, and 15 staff members doing most of the work. If we did this, we could handle more clients and process more applications…..but we place quality over quantity. ALL visa applications are personally handled by Jeff Harvie, our Registered Migration Agent. Our few support staff handle reception and clerical work only. My son Jeremy Harvie helps me to deal with enquiries, as well as supervising office staff. Every single email response he sends to clients is checked and approved by me before it goes out! So at NO stage are you in the hands of anyone unqualified. Please read this BLOG post.

Why Down Under Visa and not another agent?

You’re always free to deal with another agent, and we’re too professional for bad-mouthing. However, most agents will specialise in an area or a demographic (market) that they’re familiar and experienced with. There are some areas where we pass work onto other agents who have greater expertise than us. We specialise in visas from the Philippines, because we have a wealth of experience with Filipino culture (my wife is Filipina, and I’ve had over a decade of association with the country and people). We have an office here. We live here. And we know the cultural and bureaucratic peculiarities. I tend to talk to the Australian party in a visa application, and Mila deals with the Filipinos. It’s a good combination, and it works well. Please read this BLOG post.

Why do I need to pay a Migration Agent to do this? Can’t I do it myself?

You don’t! You’re free to do all of this yourself if you wish. However, you do this at your own risk. And in about 90% of cases we manage to stop a client from doing something that would have caused them problems with their applications, maybe even a refusal. You are also free to defend yourself in court, or treat your own medical problems. However, you are missing out on the services of an experienced professional who has been through this process many times before. What price do you put on your future, or the future of your loved one? Please read this: https://www.downundervisa.com.au/2014/10/20/why-do-you-need-a-philippines-specialist-migration-agent/

Are you licensed to practice migration law?

We are Registered Migration Agents (RMA), registered with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority, which is run by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection) in Australia. Our MARN (Migration Agents Registration Number) is 0959797. It is illegal in Australia to give migration advice unless you are an RMA, so yes it’s a form of licensing. So yes, we are. Please read this: https://www.downundervisa.com.au/2014/09/04/do-unregistered-migration-agents-exist/

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Dean Vincent
09:45 19 Feb 18
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02:43 13 Feb 18
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Marinel Tabuyo
22:14 15 Nov 17
You gave me some very good advice,and I will act on it straight away, thankyou very much you gave me some hope,read more
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Allen Hutchins
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craig mel
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Darren Way
23:20 06 Jun 17
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Glenn Fowler
Glenn Fowler
07:53 24 Nov 16

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They only deal with a specific range of visas and they do it very well, the Migration Hub is an excellent tool that helps keep track of things. They truly understand the process and are very efficient at doing the best they can to help love happen. I would never consider using another Migration Agent and we are so glad we decided to use Down Under Visa they have done a fantastic job. Many thanks for all your help in getting the Visa organised for my beautiful family, at last we can be together forever, you are the best, keep up the good work. Best wishes from Mic, Marivic and Camilleread more
Mic Knights
Mic Knights
After getting a refusal for a tourist visa to Australia years ago, I'm so glad that I found DUV and decided to engage their services for a tourist and then subsequently a partner visa. I'm a lawyer here in the Philippines and I would like to believe that I'm more or less able to understand the requirements and follow the procedures in applying for a visa. But I realized that application for visa is not a walk in the park when I received my very first visa refusal (and it hurts!). What you need is strong proof that your relationship is genuine and a strategy on how you can present this effectively. In legal parlance, you need to present sufficient evidence to establish probable cause that a genuine relationship exists and convince the assigned case officer to grant the visa. And for this, DUV can indubitably give you guidance with their vast knowledge and expertise in Australia's migration laws, rules and regulations; and their experience in both its theoretical and practical application. Because of this, I highly recommend the services of DUV for tourist and partner visa to Australia!read more
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Rit Peralta-Welland
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Enreech Lim Smith
I am 65 and my wife 54. I have never gone through anything like this before, I started doing the visa application myself through the Immigration website. I am so glad that i made the decision to get Downunder Visa to do it instead. I class myself as reasonably well educated but there was no way i could have done it myself. Downunders Hub page makes it very easy to know what to get and when to get it. We arent quite at the stage of applying yet but we are very close. Thank you to Jeff and his family for helping me to get my wife in my life in Australia. When you get to my age every day without her is a day we will never get to have together. I would whole heartedly recommend Downunder Visa to anyone who is considering a Tourist or Partner Visa. You will not regret it.read more
Bob Bailey
Bob Bailey
In a little over 24hrs, a Tourist Visa Grant has been given to my partner and her daughter. Down Under Visa provides a valuable service, dealing with an Australian Government agency which is generally not easy to do and it is peace of mind, knowing the business, DOWN UNDER VISA is the BEST in this line of business. Jeff, Jeremy and all of your staff, thank you!read more
Neville Norman
Neville Norman
Choosing down under visa was the best decision I made. My partners tourist visa was approve 1 week after lodgment. Now we are just waiting for our PMV to be approved. All you have to do is follow down under visa's instructions to have the best possible chance of being approved. Thank you DUV!read more
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Jon Murray
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May OS
May OS
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Marinel Jacob Tabuyo
Marinel Jacob Tabuyo
As a first timer applying visa, I couldn't say more since I can't compare a past experience about rejections or how other reflect their works but one thing I can assure (to those clients who are reading reviews to enlighten your situation that I used to do) that DUV is such a great partner (back then I have a bit ideas the struggle of applying visa) Tho we always think positive of the result but still the granted of my visa makes me feel "wow like how come?" Lol � I highly recommend this agency and we are looking forward to your help again in the near furture. You guys deserve more than 5 starts! God bless your team always! To Sir. Jeremy, Sir. Jeff and Mam Mila that I used to talk through email thanks guys, I honestly get comfortable emailing with you all, specially Sir. Jeremy� (sounds like a bro to me lol) Once again thanks teammate! Regards Isaac and Jenivy (the King and Queen of hearts �) ayy ��read more
Jenivy Segovia Echavez
Jenivy Segovia Echavez
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Charissa Pua Guingue
Charissa Pua Guingue
Hi, I would like to thank DUV for the Tourist Visa they got for my fiance Patricia recently; Especially Jeremy who was the one to do most of the work. Just like to add that it was good to see such good old fashioned dedicated business ethics displayed by this company, that modern times have left by the wayside. I reckon I sent a thousand emails to DUV (probably 990 to Jeremy and 10 to Jeff) and every single time the reply was sent within a few hours. think the longest I ever wait was about 6 hours. It might seem a small thing for some, but for an eccentric old Aussie buggar like myself, who values service above all... it was a very pleasing factor in my review of DUV. The other thing is... At first I was complaining to my fiance because of all the stuff DUV were asking of us. I thought, gee wizz... they are asking too much and I was mad at them. As time went by I began to see the method in the madness (for me at least) and come to grips with it all. By the end of the process, I now see that the way DUV process these Visa's is the very BEST way possible. It virtually assures you will be successful 99%. Yes, its taken us a long time, but yes also, I feel confident of success now with our pending PMV current being processed by Oz immigration. Thanks for everything guys at DUV and I take back all I said against you in the beginning (not that you knew about it lol). Keep up the good work guys, and a special thanks to Jeremy who handled most of our case. Very well done and highly recommend.read more
Michael Tran
Michael Tran
After 2 rejections from others, Downunder Visa came through for us. Rona arrived in Sunday 2nd September and we haven't stopped smiling. Thank you so much to Jeff and his wonderful team they have made 2 people very happy. Through out the entire process they were supportive and understanding and we owe them our happiness. Thanks guys Greg and Ronaread more
Rona Ragay Rankin
Rona Ragay Rankin
Excellent, well organised and very structured. I commend you on a business that helps dumbo's like me through the maze of goverment mumbo jumbo and makes it all so easy. Well doneread more
Johnston Frederick
Johnston Frederick
So far so good, when Elsa gets a visa we will be over the moon....read more
Daryl Wagner
Daryl Wagner
We are very happy and satisfied with the Down Under Visa team and were successfully granted a prospective partner Visa for my partner. She is now living here with me and we look forward to a very happy life together.read more
Richard Otten
Richard Otten
We are so happy with the great news. Five stars. Our partner VISA was granted on the 22st May and apart from relief, we're mostly happy with the way it's unfolded time wise... which is weird as I was so worried because we - including DownUnder Visa - had no control over how long it would take ... in the end it was done right and to that I thank DownUnder Visa, job well done .. thanks a million guys.read more
Kaz Maras
Kaz Maras
Thank you so much Jeremy,Jeff,Mila and Down under visa staff for the Great news for us last week March 22 2017 Our partner visa is Granted...we will Recommend this to our fellow friends to choice Down Under visa ...God bless and thank you once again👏👍 Regards Rob and Catherineread more
Catherine Cashion
Catherine Cashion
Down Under Visa Migration Agent is a very reliable agent. They lodged my tourist application last March 24, Friday and given the granted tourist visa today March 27, 2017, Monday. Very excellent of their services and satisfying to communicate with them. Me and Brian are so much happy and saying to all of you thank you very much mostly to Mr. Jeremy Harvie likewise to Mr. Jeff Harvie. (y)read more
Lelani Ibanez
Lelani Ibanez
To Down Under Visa, This is it! Our Partner's Visa is Finally Approved today!!!...We are very happy that we're going to stay and live in together in Australia. We would like to Thank Jeff, Jeremy, Mila and DUV Team for your wonderful work.read more
Nick Almarinez
Nick Almarinez
Well done Down Under Visa! Yesterday you delivered us the great news we have been longing to hear. Advising us our visa has been granted. We cant thank Jeff, Mila and Jeremy and the dedicated and hard working team at Down Under Visa enough! For helping Grachelle and I through those times of the visa application process. You showed true professionalism and personal understanding towards us. The service you offer is second to none.Without Down Under Visa, I dont think none of this would have been possible. Your direction and advises to us were truely helpful and will never be forgotten in that rollercoaster ride they call the visa application journey. You were always there for us. Guiding us through the best ways you knew how, Now Grachelle and I can start making a happy life together in marriage. This is all thanks to Down Under Visa. I wish you Jeff and Down Under Visa many more happy clients. Many more years of success. And without a dout I will recommend your service to those seeking a visa. And for anyone reading up this review. If your thinking of getting a visa done. Take my word Visa Down Under are the real deal. It will be one of the best decisons that you will ever make. A job well done by Down Under Visa and once again a massive thank you from Grachelle and myself!!! 🙂read more
Michael Norris
Michael Norris
Me and my husband are very pleased with result.... we got the visa in just 6 months!! Thank you so much Down Under!!read more
Leonora DC Davies
Leonora DC Davies
Just want to say how professional and efficient Jeff and the team are! Thank you so much! Your hard work makes such a positive impact to the lives of so many people! If there was a 6th star you guys would get it!read more
Richard Glover
Richard Glover
Absolutely top shelf immigration service. I am now married to my beautiful Philippine wife, Catherine. Jeff will ask all the tough questions to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Trust him, he and his team know what they are doing.read more
Alan Todhunter
Alan Todhunter
On behalf of myself and my beautiful wife Lilibeth and of course my daughter Michelle,we'd like to say a big thank you to Jeff and the team at Down under visa for all your assistance in the preparation of all documents for the visas . The Migration Hub allowed us to keep track on each stage of the document preparation,we knew exactly what we needed. We highly recommend anyone thinking of using Down Under Visa,to call them now. Thanks again Jeffread more
Peter Wheeler
Peter Wheeler
Great service, great reputation! Highly recommended.read more
Micháel Desveaux
Micháel Desveaux
The best and they have help me and the love of my life meet for the first time in Australia. I was approved for tourist visa even if we didn't meet in person yet. What can I say but thank you for making it possible 🙂read more
Mary Cecile Oracoy Panganiban
Mary Cecile Oracoy Panganiban
We used these guys for our fiancé visa. Some stressful times but they got us there in the end. Thanks guys��read more
Ant Franga Francis
Ant Franga Francis
Money well spent for a good honest service providedread more
Rick Williams
Rick Williams
I fully recommended them for doing your visa.... Thanks for the help Jeff Harvie and family and the staff of DownUnder Visa☝️☝☝read more
Tarah Bill Davies
Tarah Bill Davies
I highly recommend Jeff and the staff. We wouldn't been able to do it with out them. They were very efficient and helpful to us. We were very happ we found them. We are so thankful we found Dounundervisa. Gobless you lways guys.read more
Ndaylin Matthews
Ndaylin Matthews
I have every faith in recommending Jeff and the team they know exactly what's needed and how to present it There's a lot of preparation work to be done and information to be supplied I would recommend you engage them to handle your application knowing full well they will respond to your enquiries and help you all the way . The new hub is a very good system it makes things very straight forward and clear explanation of its use I personally think it's a great tool I've said it before I will say it again thanks to All the team at down under visa Jeff Jeremy and Mila for her language assistance in our case it's our commitment to each other and your commitment to detail and your clients which made our application successful Regards Steve & Tess Belmores Liskread more
Steven Lisk
Steven Lisk
Thanks to Down Under Visa i have the most wonderful woman in my life and we couldn't be happier. You made the whole experience easy for us and were a great support to us during the whole process. Awesome visa agents.read more
Steve Freeman
Steve Freeman
On behalf of my wife dinah and i id like to thank jeff and the down under family for all you have done for us. U have made the whole process so so much more easier for us , and less stressful in every way. When we first looked at the the visa options it was all too much so I looked around and found Down under visa. Thank God I did as jeff and crew hit the nail on the head everytime. My wife and kids are here now on their multiple entry tourist visa and We are awaiting the approval now for our spouse visa . Thanks again guys . 5 stars for us from us to you all..read more
Joshua Peters
Joshua Peters
They are a very great people to talk to. Very helpful. They guide you what you need to do and advice what is the best for you. Do not hesitate to ask them they will help you.read more
Lilia Bevan
Lilia Bevan
Great people to deal with very helpful on everyway if your having doubts about doing the visa process yourselves don't hesitate to email jeff at downunder visaread more
Mal White
Mal White
Very Easy to go to they're office, and very friendly staff,specially ate Mila,jeff,and they're Son 🙂read more
Wendy Eborde Argante
Wendy Eborde Argante

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Jeff HarvieJeff Harvie RMA, MMIA
Jeff Harvie is a professional Migration Agent, registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority, a statutory body set up by the Australian Government to regulate the standards of the profession, and to give protection to consumers.



Jeff and his family team at Down Under Visa in Manila can help you to get an Australian partner visa from Manila, ie. a prospective marriage visa or a partner visa for your spouse or even your de facto spouse. They also help those couples who aren't quite ready for a spouse visa or fiance visa to get tourist visas so they can allow their relationship to develop. Jeff, Mila and Jeremy are all Australian Citizens and proud Aussies.