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Down Under Visa is a very busy and highly successful Migration Agency in Manila, Philippines. It’s operated as a family partnership by Jeff Harvie RMA, Mila Harvie and Jeremy Harvie. Mila is Filipina, and takes care of the needs of our Filipino clients, especially the Filipina ladies.

This page is specifically for articles to help our Filipina ladies with their issues and problems in order to make the process of obtaining an Australian Visa that much easier. Mila gives support to visa applicants on avoiding problems and mistakes, and also about their future life in Australia when they have their Australian partner visa or prospective marriage visa.

Jeff and Mila went through the process of a partner visa application themselves many years ago, so they have personal experience with the visa application process and can therefore empathise with visa applicants from Philippines to Australia.


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  • for Australian Filipina couples

      Down Under Visa is my calling. It’s not just another way of making a living. One of the wisest decisions I ever made was deciding to find someone worth marrying in the Philippines. I didn’t find the right Filipina lady straight away, but after a few failures I definitely READ MORE

  • Will your Australian Filipina relationship last?

      Here at Down Under Visa we deal with partners, ie. Australian Filipina couples with the intention of the lady from the Philippines to Australia to be with an Australian man. It’s either with a partner visa or with a tourist visa with the intention of turning it into a READ MORE

  • Can my family follow me from Philippines to Australia?

      A U.S. citizen can file a petition for the following relatives: Husband or wife; Children, married or unmarried.   A U.S. citizen who is at least 21 years or older may also petition for the following relatives: Parents; Brothers or sisters   Note what it says. “A US Citizen”. READ MORE

  • Down Under Visa – Helping Filipina lady visa applicants

      Filipina ladies. There is no question about it. The majority of Down Under Visa’s visa applicants are ladies from the Philippines. This includes partner visas (spouse visas and fiancée visas) and with tourist visas for those who aren’t quite ready to take the plunge. We can and do apply READ MORE

  • Australian Partner Visas – Migrating with kids included

      I just had a very nice catching-up with a client today in the Down Under Visa office. Video following shortly. This was one of those Down Under Visa clients that I develop a soft spot for (and not just because he brought me what looks like a fine bottle READ MORE

  • Registering your Australian marriage – Essentials for Filipinas

      Did you marry your Filipina lady in Australia?     Do you know that you need to REGISTER YOUR MARRIAGE at the Philippines Embassy in Canberra? This is fairly easy, but it’s something you definitely need to do. Doing this means that the details of your marriage will be READ MORE

  • Attorneys – Can help, and can hinder!

    As Registered Migration Agents, we must ALWAYS act in the next interests of our clients. Always! That includes when you get annoyed because you think we’re giving you a hard time. Well, guess what? We won’t bend! There are no “YES-MEN” here! We will tell you how it is, and READ MORE

  • Annulment at Diborsiyo sa Pilipinas

    Nais namin dito sa Down Under Visa ng happy ending sa lahat ng aming mga kliyente ngunit hindi ito nangyayari sa lahat ng pagkakataon. May mga relasyong hindi nag wo-work out at nag fail. Kung kayo ay nasa ganitong sitwasyon, basahin ang mga sumusunod upang maliwanagan ang ilang bagay.  Una, READ MORE

  • (Tagalog)

    Napunta kami sa propesyong ito bilang isang Migration at naitatag ang Down Under Visa ilang taon na ang nakaraan, sa kadahilanan na nais naming makatulong.Ginawa ko ito nuon, at hanggang ngayon, ito parin ang aking hilig. Ito talaga ang hilig ko sa buhay ang makatulong. Pitong taon ang ginugol ko READ MORE

  • Cultural differences regarding “truth”

    I don’t usually delve into the “relationship advice” area, however things come up with our clients sometimes and I’d like to share a bit of experience and to hopefully prevent some couples from digging deep holes for themselves that they can’t get out of. Different cultures have different views on READ MORE