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We’ve had so many hundreds of successful clients over the years, now happily settled in Australia with their Australian Partner Visas. Most of them will go on to Australian Citizenship too. And I would say most have children and raise happy and healthy families together. It gives us immense satisfaction knowing that we played our part in bringing families together, as this is what motivates us to keep up the hard work and the long hours.

Please note that NONE of the testimonials are “scripted”. Take a look and this will be very obvious. We would not have the audacity to “interview” our successful clients with leading questions to prompt “the right answers”. There are no actors here. These are just ordinary people like you and me, and all Australian Filipina couples. Please enjoy their stories and their positive reviews of Down Under Visa.

And please also note that we are not matchmakers or a marriage agency. We do not arrange introductions. We merely manage visa applications for couples who have met and formed relationships independent of ourselves. Do not email us asking to meet someone, or for advice as to how to meet someone. Thank you.

Testimonials ” Highlight Reels”

Another successful visa application and the grant of an Australian partner visa
Successful Visa Application!

Written Testimonials

Down Under Visa - Australian Registered Migration Agents
When Joan and me decided to get married in the Philippines and start our married life in South Australia it became clear very quickly that doing all the paperwork for the Visa ourselves would be a near impossible task and would require far more money than we could afford.Long story short, I selected Down Under Visa in Manila and we are both very happy with that choice.Our main contact,Jeff Harvie,exudes confidence and professionalism and his no-nonsense approach was just what we needed.As a bonus my wife got the Visa after just under 3.5 months (instead of the expected 6+ months) which was something we were hoping for but didn't expect to happen,and we have no doubt that this was because of Jeff letting us know exactly what required (“Robert, we are VERY low on your chatlogs. We need more”). Joan and me are now happily together here in South Australia mostly because of Jeff, his wife Mila, and his staff at Down Under Visa. We wholeheartedly recommended them. Onya Jeff!

Robert Kompier & Joan Santos

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