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Are you wanting to bring your sweetheart from Philippines to live with you permanently in Australia? Need a Partner Visa to Australia? Fiancee visa? Spouse visa? Find the process complicated, and do you worry that if you don’t get it wrong then you’re in for a long and frustrating wait? We understand your concerns and we know what you’re going through. Get it right, and you’re granted a visa. Get it wrong and you get a refusal. We have many years experience in this process, and have even been through it ourselves. And we spend practically all of our time doing fiancee visas and spouse visas for Australian Filipina couples. So you’re in safe hands with us.

Partner Visas and Prospective Marriage Visas aka fiancee visas or fiance visas to Australia from Philippines


Partner (Spouse) visas and Prospective Marriage (fiancee or fiance) visas are our specialty, and comprise most of our clients.

Partner (Spouse & Interdependent Partner) Visas (subclasses 309/100 or 820/801)

For partners who are married or in genuine de facto (common law or “live in”) relationships. Also for same-sex partners in interdependent relationships. They require sponsorship by an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Eligible New Zealand Citizen. Initially a 2 year Subclass 309 offshore partner visa (or Subclass 820 onshore partner visa) is granted, and allows the visa holder to come to Australia (or to remain in Australia with an onshore application). After two years of a successful relationship, a Subclass 100 or Subclass 801 permanent partner visa may be granted.

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Prospective Marriage Visas, aka Fiancee Visas or Fiance Visas (subclass 300)

For people intending to get married. The visa allows an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Eligible New Zealand Citizen to bring their fiancee to Australia and to marry her within 9 months of the grant. After the wedding you apply for a Subclass 820 onshore temporary partner visa. After two years of a successful relationship, a Subclass 801 permanent partner visa may be granted.

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Let us know where you wish to marry and when, and we can guide you with the best choice of visa to suit your needs! And also, use our free FREE VISA ASSESSMENT FORM to see if you do actually qualify for a visa

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Decision-Ready Applications for partner visas

Decision-Ready Applications for Partner VisasWhat is a decision-ready visa application? It’s pretty much how it sounds. It means a visa application that is prepared in a way that it is ready for a Case Officer in the Australian Embassy or Department office to make a decision on immediately, without having to request anything extra.

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De facto Relationship?

Not yet in a De Facto relationship?: A de facto relationship is a committed and exclusive relationship where you lead a truly shared-life together. Living together. A “live-in relationship”, as they call it in the Philippines. Setting up house together. This requires a large number of very specific things to be in place, and generally a large number of changes in your lifestyle. Without guidance, you will find yourselves unprepared to lodge a successful visa application. You will waste a lot of time and money, and you will end up apart.

Down Under Visa are Registered Migration Agents with a great deal of experience in lodging successful partner visas for Australian-Filipina couples in defacto relationships. We provide a De Facto Relationship Preparation Service which is a series of learning modules that that will guide you how to prepare yourselves and to have everything in place so that you will be ready to start preparing a successful partner visa application.

We will also provide the same learning modules to clients already in defacto relationships, to help them fine-tune their much more-detailed visa requirements to prove that the defacto relationship is in fact a genuine defacto relationship.

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De Facto Relationship preparation service for Australian partner visa applications by de facto couples

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Choosing between an onshore partner visa application inside Australia, or an offshore partner visa application applied for in Manila Philippines

Down Under Visa can manage visa applications lodged both INSIDE AUSTRALIA and OUTSIDE AUSTRALIA

Partner visas and prospective marriage visas (PMV’s) are done in several stages, and are initially temporary visas. But they all lead to future permanent resident visas when processed and supported properly. You are assessed on the basis of your relationship to the sponsor, ie. of your relationship being genuine and committed and to the exclusion of all others, and against Australia’s health and character requirements. The sponsor must also be assessed as to meeting certain criteria. It is our job to make sure your application is prepared properly and presented to leave no doubt in the minds of the Australian Embassy or Department of Immigration and Border Protection Case Officers that you meet the requirements under the Migration Regulations (Cth) 1994. We are detailed and thorough, and we don’t mince words. We care about the outcome, and can’t wait for the day when we get to give you the good news of a visa grant!

Down Under Visa Australian Migration Services Flowchart of how to get a partner visa to Australia from Philippines.

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More about Australian Partner Visas from Down Under Visa

More about Australian Partner Visas Subclass 309 and Subclass 820 and prospective marriage visas Subclass 300 from Down Under VisaWe have a remarkable success-rate, and we understand everything you’re going through. We can manage your application from you from the point of assessing your case, to gathering your personal information, to helping you gather and prepare all your personal documents and requirements, to preparing and lodging your application, to personally dealing with issues with the Department, right down to your visa being granted. We’re with you every step of the way, taking the stress and the uncertainty out of an otherwise scary and risky process.

We live in a much “smaller” world these days. Many Australians will meet and form long term relationships with people from other countries, and when their girlfriend becomes more than just a girlfriend, they contact us. But never assume automatic entitlement to bring a partner here. Partners of an Australian Citizen or Australian Permanent Resident, including a spouse (partner), a fiance, a defacto and interdependent (same-sex, gay, lesbian) partners must to apply for a visa to be allowed to enter and to live in Australia. To qualify for partner migration to Australia requires evidence of a genuine and committed relationship, and this evidence must be shown in detail to establish the validity of your relationship and your application. We assist you in the gathering of this information by providing detailed partner visa checklists (ie. your visa requirements) and forms, and plenty of practical advice.

If your relationship is with somebody from the Philippines, we can provide service and insight that no one else can. Why? Because we’ve been through the process ourselves (Jeff & Mila are an Australian/Filipina couple), and we’re based in the Philippines. We can provide guidance through the administrative as well as the personal hurdles you need to get through. This means we understand not only Australian Migration Law, we also understand Filipino culture and the often complex system of documents and laws that exist in the Philippines. And we are here in Manila all the time. We don’t just fly-in and fly-out, leaving unqualified staff to take care of things. You and your lady will have nothing to worry about.

And please note that whilst most of our applicants are Australian men sponsoring Filipino fiancées and spouses, we get our fair share of Australian women sponsoring their Filipino men as fiancés and spouses too. Visa for a Filipina wife or for a Filipino husband? This is not a problem.

Note that poorly prepared applications stand a high chance of refusal. And in Manila, many applicants are victims of the many unregistered agents (both Filipino and Australian unregistered agents) and opportunist travel agents who exist in large numbers who lodge poorly-prepared applications, or encourage applicants to go down strange pathways of work visas and/or student visa applications. And many of these “agents” are well-known to the Australian Embassy too, which doesn’t help your chances. All the more reason why you shouldn’t risk doing this without GENUINE professional help!

And we have available e-books specifically for those clients marrying Filipina ladies, written by well-known and respected Australian author Perry Gamsby. Great advice about cross-cultural relationships and how to avoid problems through understanding and better communication skills. These are limited editions and available exclusively to Down Under Visa clients. We also provide as part of the package all the email and online support you could possibly need to help you through the daunting process. And we’re always available to answer questions promptly. Fill out our online assessment form and you’ll see how quickly we respond.

What Can Down Under Visa do for Australian men with partners, wives and girlfriends from Philippines?

What Can Down Under Visa do?

Our job is to help you, and we will do so to the best of our abilities and always within the law! But realise we are not “Yes-men” and will always tell you the truth especially about practical matters. But if you do wish to marry whilst in Australia on a tourist visa, and if you are able to apply for a partner visa in Australia, yes we can manage your application for you in the same way we manage applications here in Manila.

So yes, we can help you with applications lodged in AUSTRALIA or in MANILA, PHILIPPINES.

If you definitely want to marry and apply in Australia? Let us know now! And if you start the process with us NOW rather than later, you will be organised and ready for us to lodge the application once you’ve married. DON’T LEAVE IT UNTIL AFTER SHE’S IN AUSTRALIA WITH YOU!

What do we actually do for our clients?

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Getting a tourist visa, then a partner visa in Australia?

Is this a good idea? Some people say it’s the best way. Is it?

You may hear advice from some of the online discussion forums, and even from some migration agents, that this is the best way to apply. Tourist visa to Australia. Get married. Apply for a partner visa, and the applicant gets to stay during the processing.

Getting advice from amateur forums is never a good idea. No care and no responsibility from self-appointed experts with 90% self-confidence and 10% knowledge based on submitting their own application, versus a REGISTERED Migration Agent with qualifications and hundreds of successful applications every year.

And whilst Registered Migration Agents are all qualified to give advice, we all specialise in our own areas and should stick to those areas. I don’t give advice on student visas from India, nor do I give advice on Special Investor Visas from China, as I lack the experience. We are the experts in partner visas from Philippines.


  • When you lodge a successful onshore application, the applicant gets to stay in Australia on a Bridging Visa and doesn’t need to return.
  • Applicant can apply for Medicare
  • Applicant will usually get work rights


  • The tourist visa application may not be successful. Highly unusual for us, but you need to know it’s still a possibility.
  • Tourist visas must be for visiting friends and family or doing general tourism things (patting koalas and admiring the Harbour Bridge, etc). Applying for a tourist visa in order to get married and bypass the system, this is NOT a genuine reason to apply, and they must refuse an application if it’s for an unacceptable purpose, ie
    • You MAY marry in Australia on a tourist visa, and you may even apply for a tourist visa with a secondary intention of marrying in Australia. But it can’t be your primary reason to visit Australia.
  • Marrying in Australia means meeting with a priest or marriage celebrant, arranging a wedding date (they are often booked months ahead), lodging a Notice of Intent to Marry form, and waiting 30 days for a marriage license. Trying to organise a wedding AND a complex visa application within a 3 month stay can be stressful and very challenging.
    • She will be dealing with culture shock
    • You are most likely still going to work every day
    • She will require documents from Philippines, which will be harder for her to organise while she’s in Australia.
    • The looming deadline will be sitting on your heads while you are trying to prepare everything and to have it all lodged before her tourist visa runs out! We have strategies to deal with this, so please feel free to discuss.
  • And apart from anything else, you still have jobs to go to, shopping to do, lawns to mow, etc. You will be very busy!

Getting a tourist visa, then a partner visa in Australia for your Filipina fiancee?

So, can Down Under Visa manage partner visa applications in Australia too?

Of course we can and DO manage partner visas lodged in Australia, and in fact these make up about half of our applications these days. Since the 1 July 2015 Visa Application Charge changes which meant that a partner visa now costs the same lodged offshore in Philippines (or other countries) as they do lodged in Australia, we have had considerably more applicants wanting their applications lodged in Australia. There is no difference in the way the applications are prepared.

We just want you to make an informed and educated choice, and not to find yourselves in Australia running out of time to lodge. The number one problem area is that you have a fixed time-limit to get everything finalised in. If you are aware of this and can cope with it? Then no problems, as far as we are concerned.

So please discuss this option with us, and we will be happy to help make your onshore partner visa application a success.

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Jeff HarvieJeff Harvie RMA, MMIA
Jeff Harvie is a professional Migration Agent, registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority, a statutory body set up by the Australian Government to regulate the standards of the profession, and to give protection to consumers.



Jeff and his family team at Down Under Visa in Manila can help you to get an Australian partner visa from Manila, ie. a prospective marriage visa or a partner visa for your spouse or even your de facto spouse. They also help those couples who aren't quite ready for a spouse visa or fiance visa to get tourist visas so they can allow their relationship to develop. Jeff, Mila and Jeremy are all Australian Citizens and proud Aussies.