What Do Migration Agents Do?


Jeff and Mila Harvie

Jeff and Mila Harvie

Australian Registered Migration Agents are experts in Australian Migration Law, and professionally manage Australian visa applications. Highly educated in, and up to date in, Australian Migration Law and Departmental policies which are used to interpret the legislation (which the Department makes its decisions based on). We’re governed by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), & bound by a Code of Conduct. We’re required to maintain a professional library of legislation and policy which must be kept up-to-date, and we’re required to complete continual professional development (CPD) studies every year to keep abreast of the constantly changing rules and politics. And we need to pass stringent security and character checks. It’s also illegal for non-registered agents to give immigration advice in Australia.

How Migration Agents help clients:

  • Assess your initial suitability for a visa
  • Choose the most suitable visa class/subclass for you
  • Advise you on costs and fees, as well as estimated visa processing times
  • Plan a strategy for a successful Australian visa application
  • Provide checklists of your visa requirements (documents and relationship evidence)
  • Check all documents for accuracy and suitability
  • Certify documents
  • Prepare and submit the completed application professionally
  • Keep you informed of progress as we’re updated by the Embassy
  • Liaise with the Department of Immigration & Border Protection on your behalf when required
  • Arrange for merits review at Tribunals when required (when problems exist)


Rather try to apply by yourself to save a bit of money? Please check the facts!


Jeff and Jeremy Harvie - professional management of your Australian visa application

Jeff and Jeremy Harvie

Basically? All of the above. But we try to do it better, and with a human touch! We know that immigration is one of the most major and sometimes scary steps in life that any person will undertake, and we know that the hopes and dreams of often many people are tied-up in the outcome. Failures are traumatic, and can usually be avoided by experienced and skilled handling. We leave nothing to chance!

We also have many years experience with the culture and bureaucracy of the Philippines. We live and work there much of the year. Mila Harvie (a qualified teacher) was born and educated there, and gives invaluable insight and support when cross-cultural confusion and miscommunication sets in. “Ate Mila” (Auntie) has helped and calmed many worried Filipino visa applicants over the years. She’s particularly good at dealing with Filipinas in a way that no non-Filipina can. She takes personal care of the many brides and brides-to-be who are going through the spouse/partner visa and prospective marriage (fiancee) visa processes. We also have It would be very difficult to find somebody else who has our level of experience in this specialised area.

This is a family operation. Jeff is the Registered Migration Agent, and personally manages every application. Mila helps the ladies with their requirements, as well as helps clients with requirements for tourist visas. Jeremy Harvie (Jeff’s son) manages the Philippines office, and helps clients (particularly Australian men, who find it easier to deal with another Australian man) to fine-tune their visa requirements. You will never feel ignored, and we are known for our prompt responses as well as our practical and caring guidance.

Future Down Under Visa Staff Members

Future Staff Members


 Down Under Visa can (and does):

  • Find solutions for you, including those really difficult cases where you think you have little hope, or where you’ve had a visa cancelled or an application refused
  • Assess and analyse your situation with our exclusive E-Assess online assessment system
  • Advise you clearly of all costs and fees (which are fixed) and give you realistic estimated visa processing times
  • We give you both a personalised TO-DO LIST of documents and other requirements, based on your own unique situation. No “one size fits all” requirements lists here!
  • Provide access to our Migration Hub, where you have convenient 24/7 access to your To-Do List via PC, phone or tablet, and all the supportive information you need:
    • Built-in information links and detailed FAQ’s to give guidance and to answer all your questions
    • Instructional videos
    • And some give-away books on Philippines culture and other practical information written exclusively for Down Under Visa clients by Perry Gamsby
  • Also fast-response email support in English or Tagalog for those hard-to-answer questions. No need for confusion or guesswork. Mila is on-hand to take care of the Filipina lady applicants.
  • And we have an office here in Manila where (by appointment) we can meet you (sponsor or Filipina applicant). Aussie-English speakers always available!
  • Comprehensive checking and re-checking of documents and relationship evidence that you send us. No room for mistakes and nasty little surprises later.
  • We complete the visa application forms for you. You don’t have to.
  • And we prepare and lodge the final application for you, and liaise with the Australian Embassy right through to the grant of the visa


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What if as a result of bad advice or of trying to do it yourself you submit false statements as part of a visa application, or bogus documents….even unintentionally? You could be facing refusal AND a three year ban! If you have false identity papers or even if they are not convinced of your identity, you could face a ten year ban! Please read HERE

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Costs of Services?

Go HERE to see the average migration agent fees charged for services by Migration Agents in Australia (courtesy of MARA). Government Visa Application Charges are separate. We tend to be around the middle of the average-fee scale, and our clients tell us we are VERY reasonable in our professional fees! Rest assured that for each case and client we will give you a fixed price for the preparation of your application, agreed upon and contracted before any work gets done. No hidden extras and no charging for “documents” or other nonsense. And in most cases we’re happy for you to pay in installments up until the application is lodged.

We can give you a full costing of both our fees and the government visa application charges when you complete our free online assessment for visa eligibility.


Visa Processing Times?

We can’t promise to speed up the processing times of your visa applications, and anybody who tells you they can is a liar. We will give you an estimate of the waiting time for your visa right from the start, and we do everything we can to prepare a visa application that is trouble-free which will be processed by the Australian Embassy or the Department of Immigration without too many delays.