Partner Visa : The Journey from the Philippines to Australia

Partner Visa : The Journey from the Philippines to Australia

Down Under Visa’s own “Reality TV” series!

Chris and Vanessa on their journey to get a partner visa from Philippines to Australia. They tell their story here.Follow the journey of Chris and Vanessa, an Australian Filipina couple who are on the partner visa journey from Philippines to Australia.

Chris and Vanessa lived together in the Philippines for a number of years, and have two children together. They made the decision to settle back in Australia with the kids. This means that for now they are apart temporarily, but hope to be together soon when Vanessa and the kids can migrate after the visa grant. They are about to lodge a Citizenship By Descent application for the two children, and will follow this up with a Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa (aka “fiancee visa”) application.

Chris has agreed to supply Down Under Visa with videos every few weeks along the way of his journey to be reunited with his family. He’s promised to make this a no-holds-barred video diary of what he goes through in preparation of a visa application with the guidance and management of Registered Migration Agent Jeff Harvie of Down Under Visa, who specialize in Australian Partner Visas, Family Visas, Tourist Visas and Citizenship applications for couples just like themselves.

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Current Episodes

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