Philippines to Australia Podcast – Australian visa applications in the modern age

Philippines to Australia Podcast – Australian visa applications in the modern age

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Australian Visa Applications in the Modern Age

Australian visa applications in the modern age, using online visa application rather than falling in line at the travel agent


Down Under Visa and Technology

Down Under Visa are unashamedly modern, client-friendly and therefore high-tech. We use the internet for basically everything. And it makes everyones lives easier right from the very start.

Right from the moment you find us, there’s an online assessment form where we can work out if we can actually help you. Saves you trekking to our office from faraway provinces only to find out we can’t help you anyway. And it means we can communicate properly with our Australian sponsor clients regardless of where in Australia they happen to be.

And once you become a client, you have 24/7 access to your own personal client portal, the Migration Hub. This allows you to access all the files and supportive information you need. Your complete To-Do List is right here, and you are immediately informed of all updates. No large folders and reams of paper to sift through.

The computer age is upon us. You never would have found Down Under Visa if it weren’t for modern technology. Maybe you wouldn’t have known Registered Migration Agents even existed. And maybe you wouldn’t have even met your lovely Filipina lady, nor had speedy ways of communicating with her as you do now. The process of bringing your lady from Philippines to Australia with a partner visa or even a tourist visa, it’s all electronic these days. And Down Under Visa are using the very best of technology to make the process as smooth as it can possibly be for our Australian Filipina clients.

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