Philippines to Australia Podcast – Coping with Australian Visa Document Errors

Philippines to Australia Podcast – Coping with Australian Visa Document Errors

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When you meet your one true love in the Philippines, you want to be together. When you really know she’s (or he’s) “the one”, you want to be together permanently. And that means you need to look at at Australian visa, either a temporary visa like a tourist visa (aka visitor visa) or a permanent visa like a partner visa (aka spouse visa, or fiancee visa aka prospective marriage visa) so you can settle down and make a life and a family together in Australia. That’s how it goes! And when there are document errors, wrong information (aka false statements), or delays or health issues, it means it will be even longer before you can be together again. And that’s upsetting, especially when you weren’t expecting these issues to come up and when it wasn’t intentional.


visa document errors can lead to delays in australian visa applications from Philippines



Australian Filipina Couples and Document Delays

The issue is you have the Australian Government on one side setting very high standards for accuracy in statements and documents, and on the other hand you have a far more relaxed attitude toward accuracy and the management of official documents in general. This occurs amongst the ordinary population, and it occurs within the bureacracy as well. Errors in NSO documents are common, and take time to correct legally. Some more serious errors, especially when deliberate, may have to go to court to be corrected, which takes a lot of time. Annulments can drag on for years. Health issues like tuberculosis can lead to long delays whilst the applicant undergoes treatment.

And what it means is that visa applicants and their Australian sponsors need to pay careful attention to preventing these errors in the first place. This requires being both careful and also truthful with information we request from you. You must not leave details out, and you must not lie under any circumstances. You need to heed the warnings that Down Under Visa have put in questionnaires and other documents.

And if errors do come up, the first thing you need to do is to be grateful that the errors were in fact discovered by us. Had they been missed, and you could have faced a refusal of the visa applictation as well as a 3 year ban from appying for any further visa applications. Having to correct an error now is a much easier option.


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