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Visa Services – Thailand to Australia

Down Under Visa Services – Thailand to Australia

Visa Services – Thailand to Australia

Down Under Visa are THE well-known, respected and established Australian Registered Migration Agents and Australian visa specialists in Asia who have helped many Australian-Thai couples to be granted Partner Visas (Spouse Visas) from Thailand to Australia.

Down Under Visa are Partner Visa specialists. They manage Spouse Visa applications (aka Partner Visa, Marriage Visa, or Spousal Visa or De Facto Visa) and Fiancee Visa (Prospective Marriage Visas, or Fiance Visas) applications for couples in love so they can be together and start their lives. They also manage Tourist Visas (or a Visitor Visas) and Family Visas from Thailand to Australia for those same couples.

The most popular visa option to Australia from Thailand is the Onshore Partner Visa (Subclass 820) because of the speed of visa processing. Visa applicants get to apply inside Australia, and are granted Bridging Visas so they can remain inside Australia until the grant.

  • Down Under Visa is a friendly and approachable family-run practiceIt isn’t a heartless corporation.
  • Jeff Harvie RMA (Registered Migration Agent) assesses and manages all visa cases. Your visa application is not managed by unqualified local administrative staff.
  • Our office and staff are in Manila, Philippines, right in the heart of South East Asia. We’re not based in an office building in Melbourne.
  • Visa applications are all lodged electronically with the Department of Home Affairs (formerly Department of Immigration and Border Protection and other names) in AUSTRALIA and at the Australian Embassy in THAILAND.
  • FREE VISA ASSESSMENT FORM (for Australian Partner Visas, Australian Tourist Visas and Australian Family Visas) so we can get to know YOUR case and to assess if we can in fact manage a successful visa application. Please spare five minutes!

Get A Free Online Visa Assessment - Take Our 5 Minute AssessmentGet A Free Online Visa Assessment - Take Our 5 Minute Assessment


Information contained in this page is of a general nature. Informative, yes, but not a formula for preparing visa applications and should not be relied on as such. The devil is in the detail, rest assured. Australian migration law is complicated and Departmental decisions are inflexible and often final. Readers and future visa applicants and sponsors are advised to rely on professionals to ensure a happy outcome.

Meet Jeff Harvie

The Registered Migration Agent who cares about Australian Thai couples!

Jeff Harvie RMA Image

Jeff Harvie RMA

Jeff Harvie is often called “the only Registered Migration Agent you should talk to”!

Australian men from all over Australia contact Jeff. They do because they are confident of straight-talking and an honest assessment of their situation, and a solution that will work. His reputation is well-known and talked about, because he has a history of success and many thousands of couples in Australia owe their happiness to him.

You will never hear Jeff coming up with crackpot schemes or taking risks with your future. He does not tolerate lies or anything fake, and he won’t suggest anything that he doesn’t believe will work. He will give you a workable solution and he will explain it in a a straight forward manner that any Australian will understand. You can be assured of being understood and of understanding what’s going on.

READ MORE, and discover more about Jeff Harvie and why he is a man you can trust with managing an Australian visa application for your Thai sweetheart.

Or CLICK HERE to get a FREE ONLINE VISA ASSESSMENT. Just five minutes of your time. You will get a detailed report explaining how we can help you to make your dreams come true.

Get A Free Online Visa Assessment - Take Our 5 Minute AssessmentGet A Free Online Visa Assessment - Take Our 5 Minute Assessment

Australian Spouse Visas & Australian Fiancee Visas for Thai Citizens

Down Under Visa are a trusted source of qualified visa and immigration advice. Jeff Harvie is our Registered Migration Agent (MARN 0959797) and Consultant on matters to do with Australian visas and migration. His family team of professionals support visa applicant clients and their families through the risky and sometimes migration process so your wife, fiancee or de facto partner from Thailand can be with you in Australia soon.

Our office is in Manila in the heart of South East Asia, and we are the regions premier Australian Migration Agency servicing Thailand as well as the Philippines, Vietnam and China.

Visa Services – Thailand to Australia

We ONLY manage Partner Visas (spouse visas) and Prospective Marriage Visas (fiance visas, fiancee visas, PMV’s) to Australia from Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and China, as well as Tourist Visas (Visitor Visas), Child and Parent Visas. Only visas for couples and partners and their families.

We are educated. We are qualified. We are registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority. And we have extensive experience from years of working with couples just like you. We even have first-hand experience with partner visas, as we’ve been through the process ourselves. We know what you’re going through and we understand how stressful this can be for you.

Read on if you would like our help.

Australian Spouse Visas & Australian Fiancee Visas

(aka Australian Partner Visas & Australian Prospective Marriage Visas)

Australian Partner Visas & Australian Prospective Marriage Visas for Thai Citizens

We specialise in Australian SPOUSE VISAS (or “partner visa” or “spousal visa”). These may be applied-for in Australia or or in Thailand. We also manage applications for PROSPECTIVE MARRIAGE VISAS (or “fiance visas” or “fiancee visas”, or “PMV’s”).

We do this for Australian men with with spouses, partners or fiancees from Thailand. Our clients are Australian men and their Thai ladies. We do also have Australian women clients with Thai men or even same-sex couples. Couples may be engaged, married or even de facto couples. Jeff’s wife Mila was in Hong Kong when they met years ago, and she migrated to Australia as his fiancee.

What this means is that Jeff and Mila have gone through the partner visa process themselves just like you are now contemplating. We have professional knowledge and we also have personal knowledge of the trials of bringing your sweetheart to Australia! And they operate as an intimate family business. Down Under Visa are not now and never will be a heartless corporation.

And we don’t entrust your visa application to unqualified staff. We follow the Code of Conduct for Registered Migration Agents, which means Jeff Harvie manages each and every visa application. And we have an outstanding success rate. You and your partner/spouse/fiancee are always in very safe hands with us.

Australian Tourist Visas, Citizenship & Family Visas

Down Under Visa will organise an Australian Tourist Visa from Thailand for you. Do you have a child you want to bring to Australia from Thailand? We can organise a Child Visa or Dependent Child Visa. Is your Thai child your biological child?

We can organise a Citizenship by Descent application to Australia for your child, as long as you are the biological father and an Australian Citizen. What about your parent or parents in Thailand? If you are an Australian resident, we can organise to bring your parent or parents from Thailand to stay for 3 or 5 years or even longer.

We manage:

Australian Tourist Visas, Citizenship & Family Visas for Thai Citizens

  • Tourist visas from Thailand to Australia (ie Visitor visa) for Australian Thai couples
  • Dependent child visas to Australia from Thailand
  • Child Visas to Australia from Thailand
  • Sponsored Parent visas from Thailand to Australia
  • Citizenship By Descent from for your biological children of Australian Citizens in Thailand
  • Citizenship By Conferral Australian Permanent Residents from Thailand

Our success rate with Australian tourist visa applications for Thai visa applicants (wives, fiancees and girlfriends) is very high. Don’t delude yourselves! There is no such thing as a “simple tourist visa” application. Tourist visa refusals are surprisingly common, mostly because of bad advice or from those they deem a high risk of overstaying the visa. We only deal with genuine applicants!

Get A Free Online Visa Assessment - Take Our 5 Minute AssessmentGet A Free Online Visa Assessment - Take Our 5 Minute Assessment

Australia Visas from Thailand FAQ

Prospective Marriage Visas, aka Fiancée Visas or Fiancé Visas (Subclass 300) for Australian Thai Couples

Can we apply for a Prospective Marriage Visa for my Thai partner inside Australia?

No, you cannot. A Prospective Marriage Visa is an offshore visa only, which means the applicant must be offshore (ie OUTSIDE of Australia and not in Thailand) when it’s lodged, and also when it’s granted.

Can we get a Prospective Marriage Visa for my Thai partner if we want to marry in a year or two?

A Prospective Marriage Visa for a Thai Citizen is granted with a condition that says you must marry within 9 months of the visa grant. You cannot delay this, or you will breach that visa condition and invite cancellation of the visa.

Can I include my Thai children in a Prospective Marriage Visa application?

Yes, they may be included as secondary applicants in that visa. Note that this depends on you having a legal right to remove them from Thailand, ie. if another parent still has joint custody then you will need their permission for this to happen.

Partner Visas aka Spouse Visas (Subclass 309/100 or 820/801) for Australian Thai Couples

Do I have to marry my Thai partner before I apply for an offshore Partner Visa?

Not necessarily. You must be married before they finalise the application, but you may apply before marrying as long as you fully intend to marry during the visa processing time.

Do we have to marry in Thailand? Ie can we marry in Australia?

You can marry anywhere you like, as long as it’s a legal marriage.

Can my Thai partner work on an offshore Partner Visa?

Yes, an offshore Partner Visa holder will have full and unrestricted work rights.

Onshore Partner Visa on a Tourist Visa for Australian Thai Couples

Do I need to be married to my Thai partner first before applying for an onshore Partner Visa?

Yes you do. If you are not married before lodging the application, the visa will be refused. No exceptions, unless in an established de facto relationship.

Do I need to live together with my Thai partner for 12 months first?

If you intend applying for an onshore Partner Visa based on marriage, no you do not. If you are applying based on an established de facto relationship, yes.

What if the kids are still in Thailand?

They cannot be included unless they are in Australia at the time of application of the partner visa.

New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship Visa for Thai Citizens

Can I bring my Thai partner over as my fiancée?

No sorry. There is no provision for fiancée’s under this visa. You and your Thai partner need to be married, or in an established de facto relationship.

Does she need to return to Thailand after 5 years?

No. She needs to apply for a further 5 year visa, but may do so inside Australia.

Can my Thai partner work and get Medicare?

She may work, yes. She can’t get Medicare. She must maintain private health insurance.

Australian Partner Visas for De Facto Australian Thai Couples

Me and my Thai partner lived together for 12 months. Does that mean we’re a de facto couple?

Maybe. But there’s more to a de facto couple than just sharing a roof or even sharing a bed. They’re looking for evidence of a solid commitment to a shared-life together. Living together could just mean you were flatmates.

I visited her a lot in Thailand over the years, and she visited me in Australia for three months. Are we in a de facto relationship?

Unless you actually “set up house” together, you will have difficulty in proving you have a shared-life. Visiting isn’t enough it itself.

What if I can’t stay in Thailand?

You don’t have to. It’s perfectly acceptable for your partner to apply for a tourist visa to come and stay with you if it’s for legitimate and genuine reasons. Genuine reasons include visiting you to enhance your relationship.

Australian Tourist Visa (aka Visitor Visa) for Thai Citizens

Is an Australian tourist visa easy to get for a Thai citizen?

There’s a high refusal rate for most people to try to lodge their own applications. This is the visa-of-choice for those who choose to run away and work illegally for years, therefore they scrutinize applications very carefully.

How long a stay can I get for my Thai lady on a tourist visa?

Three months is a reasonable request, especially for a first visit.

Can my Thai lady stay in Australia for one year so we become de factos?

No one takes a one year holiday, do they? I’ve never seen a 1 year tourist visa granted, and I don’t expect to. Please discuss your plans, and I’m sure we can help you properly.

Child Visas and Dependent Child Visas for Thai Children

Do I need to apply for a Child Visa for my Thai children at the same time as a Partner Visa?

No, you may apply for a Dependent Child Visa when the parent has had a temporary Partner Visa granted (ie Subclass 309 or Subclass 820). You may apply for a Child Visa when the parent has a permanent Partner Visa granted (ie. Subclass 100 or Subclass 801).

My Thai partners son has a biological father she was married to. Can we get him a Child Visa?

Only if (a) you have his written permission for the child to migrate permanently, or (b) there is a court order removing his custodial rights.

What’s the difference between a Child Visa and a Dependent Child Visa for Thai Children?

There are different criteria in the Migration Regulations for each one, which we won’t go into here. In short, the Dependent Child Visa is applied for when the child’s parent has a temporary Partner Visa, whereas the Child Visa is applied for when the parent has a permanent Partner Visa.

Citizenship By Descent for Thai Citizens

I’ve accepted the my Thai partners child as my own. Can I apply for Citizenship by Descent?

No, definitely not. The child must have at least one parent who is an Australian Citizen. Adding your name as the father, ie. “giving the child your name” sounds very gallant, and no doubt the intentions are wonderful. However it happens to be a crime.

I was thinking of just adding the Thai child onto a Partner Visa application. What’s best?

Citizenship By Descent is quicker and cheaper. Need we say more?

Does the Australian Citizen child from Thailand still need an Australian visa?

No, not at all. The child may enter Australia and remain anytime at all, and will never need a visa.

Have A Visa from Australia to Thailand Question Not Answered Above?

Thailand Visas ask a question

Now, over to you the client (or potential client)! We value our clients opinions, and we believe in keeping all well-informed. What would YOU like to ask about our Australian visas for Thai Citizens? What do YOU think needs a bit more explanation? Ask below, and Jeff Harvie RMA will answer your question for you and for others wondering the same thing.


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Get A Free Online Visa Assessment - Take Our 5 Minute AssessmentGet A Free Online Visa Assessment - Take Our 5 Minute Assessment


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