Online migration “advice” forums – an easy path to failure!

I visit internet forums sometimes, and I’m frequently appalled by the wacky advice given out by people with 10% knowledge and 90% confidence. I don’t even bother trying to correct this advice anymore, because the 10%-experts will only argue with me. And those asking for the advice are usually trying to apply for the visas by themselves…….trying to save a bit of money, and dicing with their future happiness! We haven’t had a single visa refusal yet….whilst I watch in horror how many nightmares people make for themselves, and extra years they add to their waiting time!

It is actually illegal for non-RMA’s (Registered Migration Agents) to give migration advice, and this includes these online forums. In the same way it’s illegal for amateurs to give legal advice or medical advice. Imagine if I was casually posting what antibiotics or blood-pressure medication an unknown person should take? Tragic consequences could ensue! This is no different. Just because somebody was lucky enough to get a visa through by themselves does NOT qualify them to give advice to nameless others on a website. If you ever visit one of these, look at how many failures and sad stories you see?

Think carefully before you gamble with future happiness and security. Don’t entrust your future to a stranger online who calls themselves “luvsfilipinaz”.

Follow directions! Get a quicker visa!
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