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Many Australian men get into relationships with Filipina ladies who are single mums. I married a single mum myself, and did so happily. I never had a problem with accepting and loving a child as my own, just because I wasn’t the original father. Being a dad is more a matter of heart and principle than it is of biology. And for yourselves, the addition of a child makes an instant family. More love all round.

With Australian Partner Visas and Prospective Marriage Visas, there is an option to include dependent children in the same application. They are known as “secondary applicants”, and adding them is generally fairly easy. They get the same visa as their mum at the same time.

Department of Home Affairs (ie Immigration) are now charging fees for secondary applicants. Down Under Visa, as a matter of principle, do not and will not. We believe that the best place for kids is with their mums and with their new dads, and are happy to help. We will NEVER charge for helping kids.

Some of our applicants are not sure about adding kids to the application, and sometimes say they will include them later. If you don’t include them, there are two options:

Subclass 445 Dependent Child Visa:

You may apply for a Dependent Child Visa when mum has a temporary partner visa.

If you have applied for a Partner Visa (spouse visa), you may apply for this as soon as that visa is granted. That means the child will arrive approximately 9 – 12 months after her visa is granted.

If you have applied for a Prospective Marriage Visa (fiancée visa), you may apply for this AFTER she gets her temporary partner visa after the wedding. That means the child will arrive approximately 15 – 24 months after her visa is granted.


Subclass 101 Child Visa:

You may apply for a Child Visa after mum gets her PERMANENT partner visa.

That means you add an extra 2 years to the times above.

Long time to wait!

I understand that it’s good to let mum settle in to Australia and to life with you before a child arrives. You both want time together, and time to adjust to culture-shock (which WILL happen). Been there, done that! I know how it works.

But you CAN deal with this by applying for a Tourist Visa at the same time as the Prospective Marriage Visa or Spouse Visa. This means she gets to spend most of that average of 6 months waiting time there in Australia with you. Plenty of time to adjust to Australia and to each other! By the time the partner visa is granted, you’ll have no trouble with settling the child in with you. It’s easy! If you want a child to love you, you love them first. It never fails!

Another common reason to not include a child is concerns over schooling. Schools are more formal in the Philippines. And the school year finishes at the end of March too, restarting in June. It doesn’t match with the Australian school year, plus in the Philippines and other Asian countries it matters enormously that the school year is actually finished.

In Australia this does not matter! They will admit a new child at any time of year. So whether they finish a school year or not, it’s not an issue. They will arrive at their new school, and they will fit in comfortably. And they will be with their mum. Aussie schools and Aussie kids are very accepting and accommodating. Don’t let this be a reason to leave them behind.

And don’t let the wishes of the relatives in the Philippines, China etc influence your decisions. It’s considered normal for Filipino kids and kids in some other Asian countries to be left with grandparents and extended families, and they can often be quite possessive and unwilling to let them go. The decision belongs to you and your wife or fiancée. Please make that decision wisely.

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  1. Emmanuel Pisani [ CORO0001 ]

    Yes Jeff that is so true about kids being with there mum …I would not have it any other way i want Helens boys to come with her if possible I know its going to cost me But When I proposed to my Fiance I knew what I was getting myself into
    I am getting there with the paper work there is so much… I am so happy that we got you to help us
    we will keep in touch
    p/s hope your kids are better

  2. gretchen

    Good day!i have some consern about my child.what Kind of Visa i applied for her when she has a Dual citizen'”Filipina and Norwegian” ,she got two passport.if ever i get married to my Aussie fiance,what Kind of Visa i apply for her.she will be 3years old nextmonth..but i am Not married to my daughter father the Norwegian.please!need help .Thank you very much…

  3. Hopauline

    hi mr. harvie., good day! i already applied partner visa 309 and still waiting for the grant.. i put my two kids from my previous relationship in my application as non migrating . me and my australian hubby decided to not bringing them with me in australia as the moment because they were still young and 5 and 6 years old and me and my hubby will busy working in the truck like 5 days we are not at home so we will be travelling 5 days and nights in the road. there’s no one could take good care for the kids at home in australia. we planned to bring them soon as they will grow older. my question , is this okay for my partner visa application?

    • Jeff Harvie

      Perfectly fine. You can apply for them later with Dependent Child Visas or Child Visas.


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