Fundraiser for victims of Typhoon Yolanda

Hello all!

Former clients of ours, John and Vivien Stone of WA, are organising a fundraiser for the victims of Yolanda. They’ve asked me to publicise this on our BLOG, which I’m happy to do.


The park in front of LC Bakery in Lake Clifton. The Bakery is at:
3232 Old Coast Road
Lake Clifton, West Australia.

This is about 30km south of Mandurah.

And it will start at 6:30pm on Saturday, 30th November! 

Gold coin donation! Or as many gold coins as you can spare.

There will be:

  • Traditional dancing by members of the Filipino Association
  •  A Zumba display
  •  A merry-go-round for the kids
  •  Barbecues and sausage sizzles
  •   This will then be followed by  a few short clips of the devastated regions, just to let people know where their donations are heading
  •  Then a movie in the park out front of L C’s Bakery

Great cause. And John and Vivien are a nice couple with a great family. They seem to spend most of their time helping others. It would be a nice drive for any Aussie/Filipina couples in the area, or those who have contacts in the Filipino community.

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