The Day you get that Approval makes all the heartache worth it !

We really genuinely truly honestly know how hard the waiting is. Even though we’d been through it all before, we at Down Under Visa, and more particularly Jeff and Mila Harvie DO know first-hand what it feels like to have your entire future dangling in mid-air and not being able to even know what’s going on. It’s been a lot of years, but we have been there before.

We’ve had a few clients “go off” at us lately when the pressure has gotten too much for them. I hope that all our clients realise we are truly on your side, yet we’re not withholding anything from you. We can’t control the outcome either. All we can do is to tell you that if it was a poor application we would not have lodged it in the first place, and that we personally have no fears or doubts about the outcome.

Here’s a testimonial from a successful sponsor who received the Australian Partner Visa (Subclass 309) grant this morning for his lovely wife (who incidentally has been waiting for this before getting pregnant……very wise!!) He asked that we put this up for them. Thank you Rodney. And remember that “Jeff” is a great name for children.

The Day you get that Approval makes all the heartache worth it !

By Rodney Prestia


In July last year I asked you permission to write something on your blog as you have just prepared my wifes spouse visa and I was very impressed by the way that yourself, Jeremy , and Mila had been such a great help, the purpose at that time was to make people aware about choosing the right agent.

Well it has been a tough 8 months of playing the waiting game.

I wanted to right a follow up because I remember you saying we can’t give any notices just one day the visa will appear, but don’t worry we put a good application together.

Well its easier said then done the don’t worry part, I wanted to talk about my experiences and the anxiety of waiting for the visa, during this time whilst you managed to get a multiple entry visa so we could be together, my wife really could not start her life in Australia, She could not learn to drive, get her license , we could not start a family and every 90 days it was a trip out of Australia to renew her visa.

I kept reading your blogs about the fact that there was nothing you could do all we had to do was be patient, We emailed socially I worked by the rules and each time I got an email, my heart skipped a beat hoping it was the approval.

The waiting and not knowing is hard, the holding pattern on your life is hard, it, the thousand questions from her family in the Provence as to why your wife is not pregnant is hard ha ha , the waiting game sucks, it  really is the ultimate sacrifice, but the feeling when that visa grant comes through makes all the heartache worthwhile.

So I’d like to say to all the couples waiting on their visa, be patient, have faith in the fact that Down under Visa have put up a good application and just like Jeff said one day you will be sitting there like I was this morning when I least expected it, My visa grant came through and now my life has changed for the better

They say all good things come to those who wait, bloody hell I waited !!!!!

But , Jeff, thanks so much mate, words can not describe how good I feel right now, to you Mila Jeremy and all the kidlets God bless you all and thank you !!!

And to all the couples still playing the waiting game have a little faith ! the feeling I feel now makes all the heartache worthwhile


Rodney Prestia

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