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We got into the migration advice profession and founded Down Under Visa years ago, driven by a desire to help. I did, and still, consider this to be my vocation. My “calling” in life. I spent seven years as a single father raising two young sons by myself. Seven years, because I refused to just “settle”. I wanted the best marriage and the best family with the best woman. And when I decided to find a wife and the Philippines and met Mila I had just that……and still do. And now we help others to find the same level of happiness, contentment and functionality in their marriages and their family lives.

And as part of this, we want to do more than just get visas for couples. We want to believe that their marriages will go smoothly, and last for many years long after they finish needing our professional help as Registered Migration Agents. With this in mind, years ago I came up with the idea of the site. I thought of it on a flight from Manila back to Brisbane, and when I got home I made it and wrote the articles in 6 hours. I then added to it over the years, and it grew in content. I had it refurbished by a more-skilled web chap about 6 months ago.

We also put up the site, which is a BLOG format. And this is what this article is primarily about!

We’ve recently engaged renowned author Perry Gamsby to write articles for us. Perry is very knowledgeable about the Philippines and about Australian Filipina marriages, having been an ex-pat here for many years and having married Amelita and making a family with five daughters (I have seven daughters, so I’m ahead!). He’s also very sharp and has a very dry wit.

Perry will be writing one article a week for us. We have two up already, and I have six more waiting to go up. And they are all very good reading, and will help you to understand that Filipina lady whom you’ve married or will marry. The more you understand her, the better your marriage and your life will be!

So please go to and click on the FOLLOW popup on the lower right-hand side. Position your mouse-pointer there, and it will appear. Sign up. And confirm your registration when you get a followup email. Do this and you will get an email once a week when the articles are published. No cost. Everything to gain and nothing to lose! (Tagalog)
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