Partner Visa Price Increase 1 Jan 2015 – Backlash?

I’m sure most of our clients know all too well about the revenue-raising increase in the cost of partner visa applications that happened 1 January 2015. Offshore applications, which are 99% of our applications, have gone up from $3,085.00 to $4,630.00, and fees for kids have also risen.

Much as I wish it wasn’t the case, the Government were correct in knowing they had a captive audience. No one is going to give up on their true love. I don’t believe any Filipino/Filipino spouse or fiancee has been dumped because of this. They know that you will find a way, and the Government coffers will increase as a result.

Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey doing what they love best

For us at Down Under Visa?

January was our busiest month ever! Huge number of Australian partner visa applicants signed up for our services, and all knew the visa application charge price increase.

I think that most people realise that the stakes are now higher than they used to be. Go back 10 years and the fees were just over $1,000.00, and the application would take maybe 3 months. And they didn’t seem to expect as much in the way of documents and evidence as they do now.

Now you need a mountain of paperwork which is scrutinised much more indepth for errors, inconsistencies and shortcomings. Have a fake document or false statement, and you risk refusal AND a three year ban! The application will sit there for an average of 9 – 10 months and sometimes more being processed. And the Government want $4,630.00 to do it.

Who in their right mind wants to risk that time and that money by doing having a “Do-It-Yourself” crack at it? Our fees are now just a small part of the total, and a small price to pay for peace of mind! Always use a Registered Migration Agent!

And from our existing clients? Plenty of people unimpressed with the Government move. Plenty feeling taken-advantage-of, and we can’t blame them for that. Some will probably take a bit longer to finalise things, but that’s OK with us. Knuckling down and dealing with these things with a small grumble and a tough determination has always been the Aussie way, hasn’t it?

We have had an increasing number of enquiries from people wanting substitutes to partner visas, ie.

  • One year tourist visas (please read THIS, and also THIS to see that this won’t work)
  • And a few people thinking they could get Bridging Visas!
  • And we’ve had a few deciding to either try to get a tourist visa by themselves, or to get a local travel agent to do it for them because they wanted to save some money. Be VERY careful. These people provide us with a large number of clients every year the delivery refusals due to mishandling of applications. Not worth it!

Of course we understand you wanting to bypass high fees. Who wouldn’t? But they have specific visas for specific situations, and they are on the lookout for anyone trying to dodge the set pathways and to try to find an easier way. Don’t try to play the system. Whether you agree or not, it is how it is and it’s a large monolith which won’t budge no matter how hard you try to push it. Come and see Down Under Visa and let us help you not to waste your time or your money.

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