Can Down Under Visa do a “fast” visa application?

Let me state something upfront. Down Under Visa are not a “visa shop”. We are not the place to go, wave your cash, and say “One visa please!” That might work at the local Philippines travel agent who will do anything for some money, but not with us. As Registered Migration Agents (AND as very ethical ones at that!), our job is to use our skills and our knowledge to lodge a successful visa application for you and your partner. And that means we do it right or we don’t do it at all.


A fast visa application, or a thorough one

People ask us all the time “how quickly can you do our visa application?” I tell them that when we have to choose between “quickly” and “accurately/thoroughly/effectively”, the latter wins every time. They come to us to get a visa, and we need to do this our way in order to get a visa. We would rather not do it at all than to do it badly, and with Australian visa applications you either do it right or face a visa refusal.

There is always someone on a dreadful no-care, no-responsibility migration advice forum telling anyone who will listen how they don’t need all the paperwork we ask for, we will always stick to our guns. Yes, of course it’s possible to lodge a lightweight application and be successful. It will happen on occasions. But not as often as it will when we prepare it properly. That means you will have work to do, and it means we will push you and squeeze you for more information and more documents than you will have thought you needed.

You may not like what you hear, but you contacted us because you wanted our expertise and you wanted a successful end-result. We are not here as the “visa shop” and we’re not called “Speedy Visas”, because it simply doesn’t work like that. It would be like going to your doctor and asking “How quickly can you do this operation? I only have half an hour!” You want it done properly, don’t you?

Why do we have our free visa assessments?

You probably know we have a visa assessment form on our website. We have done that since we started our practice and set up our first website. And when clients ask if we can get them a visa, we steer them straight there before we do or say anything. It’s HERE if you don’t know. It’s loaded with important questions which give me a clear enough picture of your situation that I can give you an opinion as to whether we can help you.

If we can’t help you, we will tell you. And yes, we most certainly do send people away if we can’t. Quite often we will tell them what they need to do to ensure that we can help them in the future, and many people will come back in a month or as long as it takes until they are ready. We would rather lose business than to lead a client toward certain failure, and that means we literally won’t take you as a client if we don’t believe your visa application will be successful.

And yes, some go away cranky because we didn’t agree with them. And some of them come back later after they tried and failed.

If we can help you, we will tell you. We will tell you what partner visa option you should look at, or whether a tourist visa is what you need. We will give you detailed costs, and links that will explain how the visa application works. We look forward to helping you with your own Australian visa application one day soon.

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