Tourist visas for couples? In most cases, no problem!

I put up a BLOG post re tourist visas in late April 2016 (link HERE). It was aimed at those with really weak cases that we couldn’t help, especially those who hadn’t met in person or had only known each other for a few weeks.

We’ve had a few people misunderstand this, and assume I was saying we couldn’t get tourist visas for couples with solid relationships and therefore they were high-risk. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In the article I said:

In cases where couples have known each other for only a month or two and haven’t met in person, they would have no chance of getting a visa grant at this stage, but like many they often assume it would be an easy process.

I also said:

We specialize in not only partner visas, but also tourist visas for Australian Filipina couples who are not quite ready for taking that plunge and getting a partner visa…..yet. These are not holiday-makers. These are couples in love who want to spend some time together, and we are delighted to help them. We base our applications around the stability of their relationships together and the genuineness of their intent to enhance their existing relationships. Almost like a practice-run for the partner visa that is around the corner. If the relationship is sound, we can usually demonstrate this very well to the delegates of the Department.

If you haven’t met, and/or if you barely know each other, it’s very hard to get a tourist visa. And I will tell you at that time that it’s hard for you to get, and I will refuse to waste your time and money. I don’t take on cases that I think will fail, because I’m very ethical.

If I say we can help you, then it means I believe we can help you. And if Jeremy said we can help you, it’s because he checked with me first.

If you’re in a sound relationship, and have met, then most likely we can help you. Just ask, and we will always tell you the truth. That’s what we do.

Look forward to helping you to get a tourist visa for your lady from the Philippines!

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